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Ordering & Delivery

What do I need to use Potlala?

To order products through Potlala, you will need the following:

  • For recreational marijuana orders and delivery, a valid ID showing that you are over 21 years of age.
  • For medical marijuana orders and delivery, a valid ID showing that you are over 18 years of age and a valid medical marijuana recommendation.
  • A working phone number which can receive calls and texts.
  • A form of payment, we accept any major Credit/Debit Cards, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Does Potlala deliver outside of USA and Canada?

No, we can only deliver to USA and Canada addresses.

Which cities does Potlala serve in USA and Canada?

Potlala delivers to all cities and locations in USA and Canada; except federal lands / facilities and institutions of higher education..

Do you have a storefront I can visit?

No. Potlala is exclusively an online technology platform providing consumers with safe and secure access to legal marijuana. All images you see in the menu of cannabis products are what you will receive with your order.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Will my shipment say that there is marijuana inside the package?

Can I track the location of my package during delivery?

Yes. All orders will receive an email notification that will include your tracking number. To track your package, all customers have their own private account; just click on My Account and your latest order will appear at the top. Click on your order number to track.

Can I use a PO box as my delivery address?

No, PO boxes are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government; marijuana is illegal in all Federal locations, including:


Is there any charge for Delivery?

No. Delivery is free for all Potlala customers.

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Medical and Recreational Marijuana delivery in United States.

Potlala Reviews

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Write a review

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I use instead Potlala

I used to order with potlala for a few month. I agree with previous review that weed sucks. But it is better than nothing if you are in illegal state. Now they are not working, I switched to and they are great!

Only takes crypto currency so that…

Only takes crypto currency so that kinda sucks but I get it. My order came fast so that is not false. They get it out pretty quickly. The weed didnt really taste like weed except maybe every few hits or so. I just bought from my regular plug and made this potlala weed into RSO.

Great service

My order for a Dabwoods cartridge.
Low and slow! This cartridge was half the price, and at least as good as my nearby dispensary. Also between puffs I wait 10 min, and 2 puffs for me. If my tolerance is so great that I’m aggravated then I take a day or 2 off. Nice taste smooth and plenty strong with thick oil this cartridge was delivered in a week. Every promise was met and it would have gotten 5 stars if the payment method was not new to me.
Trustworthy and I will purchase again.

They are legit

They are legit. The accounts on here claiming a scam are scams themselves, probably bots. I’ve been ordering from them for a couple of years. I live in Brooklyn. They used to deliver bud in my area but now I can only get edibles and blunts. The edibles are pretty good but they taste horrible. The pre-rolls and blunts taste like they’re cut with tobacco. The quality seems to have dropped but it’s better than nothing and the only place I can get delivery of any cannabis products in my area.

No such thing as Dank Vapes anymore

There is no longer a company called Dank Vapes.. Went under years ago. Anyone selling their stuff is selling fakes. Some fakes work ok but the amounts on the label are a lie. It’s just packaging that anyone can buy and put fake vapes in. Do not trust

Good Service Overall

I ordered three strains they claim top-shelf product the quality was good I would say two of the strains were close to top-shelf overall with the last strain leaning closer to mid-grade. Having mid-top product sent straight to your front door, why I gave 5 Stars, is much better than the hours long drive round trip to the closest dispensary.

Great experience

I placed my order July 18th, 2020, and I was a little concerned because this is the first time I’ve ordered from here. When I got my tracking information and tracked my package, it stated that the label was printed back in June. I was worried about this, so I called the post office, and they advised me that the issue is on their end. The labels aren’t printing properly for some reason. My label not only said it was printed back in June, it also said the package weighed 31 lb, which it definitely did not. I was very satisfied with my product and the price. Thank you so much!

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