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100% BC Craft Cannabis

Always made with infamous quality BC bud.

Filtered, for comfortable blazing

Our pre-rolls won’t make you choke on stray bits or stems of bud.

Always Flower, Never Shake

We only use premium flower buds in our joints, never any left over shake.

Perfect Rolls Every Time

We’d never send you anything we wouldn’t want to smoke ourselves.

Ready to Light Up and Go

Anytime, anyplace, whenever you need it. Hassle free.

Our joints

Our Premium Line of Pre-Rolls

Our pre-rolls are classified into different varieties based on their potency and rarity. We offer your choice of Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid Joints. The top-shelf AAAA – AAAA+ flowers are found in the Gold and 24K Gold Labels with the highest THC content and are available in limited supply. The AAA – AAA+ flowers are found in the Black and Green Label. All our pre-rolled joints are made with only pure BC bud and packaged with a Boveda Pack for an air-tight sealed tube to guarantee freshness for up to 3 months.

flowerpwr online dispensary offers some of the best marijuana in Canada. Buy weed online with our selection of pre-rolled joints made with 100% Premium BC bud.

Pre Rolled Blunts & Joints

Pre-rolled blunts & joints allow individuals to immediately enjoy cannabis at their convenience without having to prepare it. These are considered one of the most popular forms of cannabis consumption as they are safe, discreet, and can easily be disposed of responsibly after use. Pure Oasis offers a wide selection of pre-rolls filled with the finest variations of cannabis. As the only active dispensary in Boston, MA, we take pride in our ability to serve individuals in and out of the area.

How Pre Rolled Blunts & Joints Work

A common misconception is that pre-rolls are prepared by hand – instead, they are loaded and rolled by a machine. Pre-rolls are filled with a base known as “trim,” which is essentially a blend of buds and bits of leaf straight from the cannabis plant. The trim can be rolled in a blunt, joint, cone, or any similar wrap based on the user’s preference.

When you smoke a pre-roll, you should expect to experience the full results within 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on what the pre-roll is filled with. It may require more or fewer hits of a pre-roll for you to experience a full high as every individual’s tolerance level is different.

What Pre Rolls Can Be Filled With

There are many different forms of cannabis that a pre-rolled blunt or joint can be filled with. One of the most common types of cannabis trim is a flower, which is what people generally associate marijuana with. Another form of pre-rolled cannabis is shake, which is composed of a collection of A-grade or B-grade (popcorn) buds. Pre-rolled blunts and joints can also be infused with concentrates and can be mixed with any type of strain to create the best experience possible.

The Benefits of Pre Rolled Cannabis

One of the primary benefits of using a pre-roll is that you know exactly what you are getting. Instead of being passed a joint that you are unsure of what is inside it, the pre-rolls at Pure Oasis have total transparency, allowing you to understand exactly what you are buying.

Another added benefit includes the ability to try new strains and mixtures. Our pre-rolls make it easy for you to obtain different blends or mixtures for total satisfaction. In addition, pre-rolls are disposable, easy to use, and save you time in the long run.

Shop for Pre Rolled Blunts & Joints at Pure Oasis

If you are over 21 and looking to purchase pre-rolled blunts or joints, Pure Oasis is ready to serve you. Whether you intend to use cannabis for medical reasons, recreational purposes, or first-time use, our pre-rolls will deliver a rewarding experience. Furthermore, our products will save you the hassle of attempting to prepare cannabis yourself, allowing you to focus on what is important – enjoying the product. Shop our complete selection of pre-rolled blunts & joints at Pure Oasis today or give us a call at 617.420.6837

Pure Oasis has pre rolled blunts & joints made from our various cannabis flower strains for a sense of conveniency and on-the-go availability. ]]>