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Anti-marijuana politicians and presidents who couldn’t resist smoking weed

The unfairness of cannabis prohibition is one subject which unites cannabis users around the world. Perhaps most irritating of all are political leaders who maintain their opposition to cannabis despite having enjoyed using it themselves.

The typical modern politician doesn’t want to see their own life damaged by a criminal record for cannabis use. But they are quite content to see others (usually young people) disadvantaged by unjust criminal records which are liberally dished out by the courts.

So who are the biggest hypocrites in our political elite? In truth every country has plenty of them, read on to find out just a few of the higher profile politicians who couldn’t resist smoking weed.

Politicians and Presidents Who Smoked Weed

The political elite of our society feel that they have good PR reasons for trying to keep their weed use private. For the rest of us however, it can occasionally be entertaining to read their versions of events and excuses.

Most importantly of all, politicians are keen to ensure that their political careers remain undamaged by criminal records. But they usually don’t do anything about the rest of society being punished or jailed for cannabis offences.

Newt Gingrich smoked weed before it became immoral to do so

Newt Gingrich is a US political veteran who did admit smoking weed, though he pointed out that this was way before it became ‘immoral’ to do so. It was back in the 60’s ‘and everyone did it’. Thank goodness for that, Newt’s political record and moral values can remain absolutely unblemished.

In 1982 he wrote a letter supporting medical cannabis, a position he later reversed. Gingrich caused howls of hypocrisy when he urged the Death Penalty for importing cannabis illegally. The Drug Importer Death Penalty Act (1996), if passed, would have guaranteed thousands of executions for non-violent offenders each year. This deadly measure, which would mandate the electric chair for those caught importing over two ounces of weed, failed to pass through congress. Many commented on the irony of a death-sentence cannabis law from someone who admits he enjoyed weed during his college years.

In 1994 Gingrich hit the headlines when he accused ‘up to a quarter’ of the Clinton administration of being heavy cannabis users despite having no evidence.

Few US politicians have been as utterly confused about cannabis as Newt Gingrich. All he needs next is a lucrative appointment to the Board of Directors for a legal cannabis company and he will have travelled the full political circle on cannabis legality.

Bill Clinton admitted cannabis use though he didn’t inhale any

Bill Clinton managed a unique piece of political fence-sitting when he admitted that he smoked weed though fell short of actually inhaling any and getting high. The barely plausible story was Clinton’s official position whenever asked about it. The comedian Johnny Carson joked “That’s the trouble with the Democrats. Even when they do something wrong, they don’t do it right”.

Clinton would later be accused of having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. His defence team, perhaps drawing legal inspiration from his legendary pot-smoking alibi, said much depended on the definition of what is actually meant by sex.

George W Bush was an occasional user but didn’t want to admit it

George W Bush did admit to previous issues with alcohol and drugs but avoided public discussion on the subject, fearing it would set a bad example to younger people. Bush didn’t support cannabis legalisation and did little to assist the cause of medical cannabis during his presidency.

Barack Obama used weed and enjoyed it

To his credit, Obama admitted he was a regular cannabis user from high school through to college. His book ‘Dreams Of My Father’ detailed the democrat former President’s early years. Obama was perhaps the boldest and most honest Presidential cannabis user. Unlike President Clinton who explained that he smoked ‘But didn’t inhale’, Obama said he did inhale…. ‘That was the whole point’ he added. As President, Obama didn’t object to, or stop legislation at state level. But Obama also failed to take the opportunity to legalise cannabis at a federal level.

Sarah Palin enjoyed weed but won’t risk others doing the same

The former Vice Presidential candidate is alleged to have used cocaine and cannabis before her political rise to fame. Although she regards cannabis use as a ‘minimal problem’, in this interview with CBS News she says is against legalisation of cannabis. Palin explains that legalising weed “would just encourage especially our young people to think that it was OK to just go ahead and use it”.

This is a typical viewpoint voiced by many politicians. Confessing to having used cannabis, they believe, makes them seem more human to potential voters. Striving to maintain cannabis prohibition, regardless of their own extensive youthful pot smoking, is still viewed as a political vote winner.

Al Gore haunted by stoner rumours but did little to improve national laws

Despite being Vice President of a country that regularly incarcerated people for using cannabis during his time in office, Gore was rumoured to be an avid ‘pot smoker’ in his youth. There were claims from his old friend John Warnecke that Al was a midnight smoker well into his political career. When confronted with these accusations, Gore simply said that the accusations ‘were nothing new’. It’s a way of swerving the issue without actually commenting on the accusations.

Despite careful avoidance of the issue, allegations that Gore was a serious cannabis lover continued to haunt him through his political career.

UK anti cannabis politicians caught smoking weed

Like every other European nation, the UK has its share of political cannabis hypocrites. Usually they admit to trying cannabis ‘when they were students’. As soon as they are elected, these hypocrites usually decide it’s safer to maintain prohibition. The result is hundreds of thousands of (primarily) young people who get criminal records for cannabis possession.

Despite high level political hypocrisy over cannabis, growing your own cannabis remains hugely popular in the UK. Many people grow their own cannabis from autoflower seeds or feminised cannabis seeds.

Boris Johnson loved his weed but doesn’t want the rest of us doing the same

GQ magazine recently re-published a Boris Johnson interview from 2007 where he admits trying cocaine and cannabis. Boris enjoyed his cannabis, describing it as ‘jolly nice’. Boris suffers from the political delusion that the modern cannabis is frighteningly more potent than the stuff he enjoyed. For that reason he seems to want to distance himself from any cannabis reform. Although the UK could desperately do with the £billions that cannabis legalisation would bring, politicians are still some years away from the point of publicly recognising it.

Meanwhile street gangs fight turf wars over drugs and UK stabbings reached an all-time high recently. Many feel that UK drug reform would massively undermine organised drug gangs, yet the UK has been unable to even introduce an effective medical cannabis system.

David Cameron the cannabis reformer afraid of reforming

Former UK Prime minister David Cameron was once a young up-and-coming politician who bravely argued for the political elite to reform cannabis laws. Once he became PM, Cameron did nothing at all to reform cannabis laws. Now safely retired from politics, Cameron freely admits being ‘off his head’ regularly.

For many UK cannabis lovers, Cameron represents the typical self-serving politician. They admit using and enjoying cannabis. But if they had received a cannabis criminal record, their own political careers may never have happened.

Jacqui Smith the completely clueless Home Secretary who regretted clamping down on cannabis

Jacqui Smith openly admits to enjoying cannabis in the 1980’s at university. But in the finest traditions of about-turns, the politically astute Smith was keen to explain that “I am not proud about it, I did the wrong thing”. That admission came just before she was put in charge of UK drug policy. Mindful of turning a negative into a positive, Smith added that “I hope that my experiences in my life have actually helped me understand that I do want crime tackled”.

When given her top political job, as Home Secretary, she oversaw a review of cannabis. That review saw cannabis reclassified from a ‘Category C’ drug into a more serious ‘Category B’ classification. Despite having frequently enjoyed cannabis at University, Smith decided to increase the penalties for cannabis use and possession with the cannabis re-classification.

To complete her grand circle of incompetence, after her political career ended, Jacqueline Smith admitted that her decision to upgrade cannabis into a more severe ‘Category B’ was a mistake.

Smith is typical of those politicians that enjoyed cannabis as a student. Then, to further their political careers, they join the anti-cannabis brigade. Finally, looking back wistfully at their illustrious careers they decide that perhaps they were too severe in their anti-cannabis actions.

French politicians with cannabis links

France, along with the UK and some Scandinavian countries, has been among the slowest EU countries to modernise their cannabis laws. This makes it particularly frustrating for French cannabis lovers when they hear that several anti-cannabis politicians have had reports linking them to cannabis use. Here are a few of them.

Manuel Valls was against cannabis law reviews but enjoyed a smoke himself

The former French Home Affairs Minister and Prime Minister was against any moves to reduce penalties for cannabis use. But during an interview he did admit that he smoked cannabis. Politicians like this allow prohibition to drag on for many more years.

Cécile Duflot and the space cake desires

The former French Minister of Equality and Housing was in favour of decriminalising cannabis in France. As she was being interviewed about decriminalised cannabis in France, she declared she wasn’t sure whether she would smoke cannabis if it became legal, but she would try cannabis space cakes.

Daniel Cohn Bendit, the European Member of Parliament, subsequently came out and backed Cecile. He actually admitted trying space cakes.

Nicolas Sarkozy and the mysterious bags of weed

The former French Home Affairs Minister and President was against decriminalising cannabis in France. The scandal hit ex-President (check out the Air Cocaine reports in the French Press)

has always claimed to be completely drug-free. But a book written by the guitarist Robin Le Mesurier for Johnny Hallyday suggests otherwise. Johnny Halliday (a friend of Sarkozy and partner Carla Bruni) was quoted as saying that it “wasn’t rare to see a bag of weed laying on the table whenever he used to visit Sarkozy and Carla Bruni.”

Justin Trudeau, Canadian PM tried weed occasionally

Justin Trudeau famously legalised cannabis for both recreational and medical uses in Canada. Today Canadians can enjoy their cannabis legally and have created a multi-million dollar industry complete with thousands of well paid, professional jobs. Trudeau himself has admitted to using cannabis around “five or six times” but correctly makes no apology for doing so. Trudeau represents a new breed of modern politician, unafraid to admit personal cannabis use and unafraid to rectify unjust prohibitionist laws.

The right to grow your own cannabis seeds

These days many cannabis lovers in legal (and illegal) countries grow their own weed easily using autoflower seeds or feminised cannabis seeds. Where cannabis remains illegal, the easiest and cheapest way to a low-cost supply is to grow it yourself.

Even in areas where cannabis is legally available, many connoisseurs prefer to grow it organically themselves from known genetics from high quality cannabis seeds. When done well, growing your own weed from cannabis seeds can result in superior buds to those on offer at the local dispensaries, social clubs or coffee shops.

Over recent decades politicians believed they could further their careers by portraying a strong anti-cannabis image. Perhaps that will change, allowing future politicians to feel unthreatened by some honesty about how much they enjoyed using cannabis and how they would like to improve anti-cannabis discrimination.

Interested to know which politicians and Presidents have used cannabis? Read on to discover which politicians used weed and how they explained it

Has Donald Trump Ever Smoked Marijuana? These Presidents Did, Including Barack Obama

More and more Americans think that marijuana should be legal. Plus, an increasing number of Americans now use marijuana. While some Americans are just coming around to the idea of allowing the use of marijuana, many presidents have been on board with the idea, reaching farther back into American history than you might think.

You probably know that Barack Obama has smoked marijuana. But what about Donald Trump? Read on to get the details on those presidents’ attitudes toward marijuana, and to discover which commanders-in-chief have given it a try.

1. George Washington grew hemp, but probably not the right kind

His plants probably didn’t contain as much THC as marijuana. | Wikimedia Commons

  • 1st president of the United States

The Daily Beast reports that George Washington, America’s first president, “may have been one of the nation’s original users of medicinal marijuana.” Washington had rotting teeth and dentures, both of which caused pain that some believe he treated with marijuana. In one of his letters, Washington wrote about harvesting female hemp plants. The implication? Perhaps he wanted the female plants for their higher THC content.

However, as The Daily Beast notes, it’s more likely that Washington was looking for the female plants for seeds to sow. Plus, while hemp and marijuana come from the same plant family, hemp doesn’t contain as much THC as marijuana. According to Mount Vernon, Cannabis sativa, the type of hemp that Washington grew, contains less than 0.3% THC. (Not enough to produce physical or psychological effects.) Conversely, Cannabis sativa indica, or marijuana, contains 6% to 20% THC.

Next: This president likely didn’t smoke marijuana.

2. John Adams probably didn’t smoke marijuana, either

He was a proponent of hemp. | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

  • 2nd president of the United States

It’s possible, though very unlikely, that John Adams tried marijuana. Weed News characterizes Adams as “a huge proponent” of industrial hemp in Colonial America. But Adams was almost certainly a fan of the kind of industrial hemp that colonists used to make rope, clothing, and paper. Nonetheless, he was a major advocate for that kind of cannabis plant. As Weed News explains:

There is a postscript to a column he wrote under the pseudonym Humphrey Ploughjogger for the Boston Evening-Post in 1763 where he states, ‘we shall by and by want a world of Hemp more for our own consumshon.’

Next: This president smuggled cannabis seeds into America. But did he ever smoke weed?

3. Thomas Jefferson smuggled cannabis seeds to America

He could have been thrown in prison for smuggling seeds. | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

  • 3rd president of the United States

The Daily Beast reports that Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson served as ambassadors to France during “the initial surge of the hashish vogue,” and Jefferson brought cannabis seeds from Europe to America “at great personal risk.” In fact, he could have been imprisoned for smuggling the seeds into the country.

Nonetheless, the publication notes that we have no direct evidence that Jefferson ever used the resulting crops for recreational purposes. Additionally, Franklin isn’t known to have smoked marijuana. But he did use laudanum, a mixture of alcohol and opium, to reduce pain caused by gout, kidney stones, and other ailments.

Next: This president could have smoked marijuana. But we aren’t sure.

4. James Madison might have smoked marijuana

He reportedly claimed hemp gave him “insight.” | GeorgiosArt/iStock/Getty Images

  • 4th president of the United States

Weed News reports that some speculate that James Madison smoked marijuana. But it’s far from definitive. As the publication explains of the limited evidence:

While the ‘Father of the Constitution’ claimed that hemp gave him the insight to create a new democratic nation, it is likely that President Madison is referring to the industrial variety of cannabis so prized by the early colonists. Still, some believe that the ‘insight’ part refers to the mind-altering properties of an ingested variety of cannabis.

Next: This president seems to have picked up the habit of smoking marijuana in France.

5. James Monroe might have smoked marijuana in France

He reportedly picked up the habit as an ambassador. | Wikimedia Commons

  • 5th president of the United States

As The Daily Beast reports, “James Monroe allegedly began smoking cannabis as Ambassador to France and maintained the habit into old age.” The Miller Center characterizes Monroe’s stint as a minister to France as “an eventful appointment that lasted two years.”

But even if Monroe did smoke marijuana with his French hosts, that wasn’t enough to salvage relations between the two nations. As the Miller Center explains, Monroe’s mission was to uphold George Washington’s policy of neutrality toward Britain and France (while assuring the French that America wasn’t favoring Britain). The French became convinced that the Jay Treaty that the U.S. signed with Great Britain altered the terms. Washington eventually recalled Monroe from France.

Next: This president used the drug during wartime.

6. Andrew Jackson used marijuana during wartime

He’s rumored to have smoked with his troops. | Wikimedia Commons

  • 7th president of the United States

The Daily Beast reports that Andrew Jackson is rumored to have smoked marijuana with his troops. Jackson reportedly fought in the American Revolution at age 13, and rose through the ranks to become a general and help win the War of 1812. It was his military career that propelled Jackson to the presidency.

But back to the reports that Jackson smoked marijuana: Seeker reports that Jackson openly used the drug on occasion. He used it, as well as tobacco cigars, at least during wartime.

Next: This president also smoked marijuana with his troops.

7. Zachary Taylor smoked marijuana with his troops

He also might have smoked with his troops. | National Archive/Getty Images

  • 12th president of the United States

The Daily Beast reports that Zachary Taylor is also rumored have smoked marijuana with his troops. The Miller Center reports that even in his childhood, Taylor aspired to a career in the military.

“Taylor received his first commission as an officer in 1808 and was immediately assigned to command the garrison at Fort Pickering, located in modern-day Memphis,” The Miller Center explains. “From that moment until his election as President, Taylor was in the military, stationed at a succession of frontier outposts.”

Next: A third president also smoked marijuana with his soldiers.

8. Franklin Pierce also smoked marijuana during wartime

He smoked during the Mexican-American War. | National Archive/Newsmakers/Getty Images

  • 14th president of the United States

According to The Daily Beast, rumor has it that Franklin Pierce also smoked marijuana with the troops he commanded during the Mexican-American War. In one letter he wrote to his family, Pierce seems to have characterized hemp as “about the only good thing” about serving in the war.

In fact, some have speculated that cannabis was “twice as popular” among American soldiers in the Mexican war as it was among U.S. troops in Vietnam.

Next: This president probably didn’t partake.

9. Abraham Lincoln didn’t smoke marijuana (as far as we know)

Rumors about his smoking might be false. | Alexander Gardner/Getty Images

  • 16th president of the United States

Weed News reports that some people believe that Abraham Lincoln smoked marijuana. But that belief seems based only “on a couple of quotes that have circulated across the internet.” The first of those quotes claims that Lincoln enjoyed smoking “a pipe of sweet hemp, and playing my Hohner harmonica.”

The only problem with that story, according to Weed News? Hohner didn’t make harmonicas until two years after the date of the alleged quote. And the company didn’t export them to America from Germany until 1868, four years after Lincoln’s assassination. Another quote erroneously attributed to Lincoln says that prohibition “goes beyond the bound of reason,” but was manufactured by an Atlanta mayor in 1922 to get voters to oppose the prohibition of alcohol.

Next: This president likely didn’t try marijuana, either.

10. Ulysses S. Grant probably didn’t smoke marijuana

He might not have smoked marijuana, but he did use cocaine. | Library of Congress/Wikimedia Commons

  • 18th president of the United States

Some speculate that Ulysses S. Grant used marijuana, too. A quote supposedly about marijuana reading, “It is of great value to the wounded and feeble, and that it is harmless,” is attributed — likely erroneously — to Grant. And we don’t have much evidence whether Grant partook of the drug or not.

However, Seeker reports that Grant did use cocaine. (That was before it became a controlled substance that came with a long jail sentence for abusers.) “Stricken with oral cancer, President Ulysses S. Grant used cocaine throat drops regularly to soothe his pain. In fact, Grant reportedly took cocaine while he wrote his now famous memoirs. He would remain addicted to the drug until the illness claimed his life at age 63.”

Next: This president definitely partook.

11. John F. Kennedy tried the drug (as well as many others)

He experimented with it for his back pain. | National Archive/Newsmakers/Getty Images

  • 35th president of the United States

The Daily Beast reports that in addition to painkillers and stimulants, John F. Kennedy allegedly experimented with marijuana to relieve his back pain. Several written accounts mention Kennedy’s marijuana usage. Among those, The Daily Beast points out a passage from John F. Kennedy: A Biography, which gave an apocryphal (and questionable) account of one White House scene:

On the evening of July 16, 1962, according to [Washington Post executive] Jim Truitt, Kennedy and Mary Meyer smoked marijuana together. … The president smoked three of the six joints Mary brought to him. At first he felt no effects. Then he closed his eyes and refused a fourth joint. ‘Suppose the Russians did something now,’ he said.

Next: This president seems to have hated marijuana.

12. Richard Nixon vilified marijuana

He hated marijuana. | Keystone/Getty Images

  • 37th president of the United States

As the man who brought the United States the war on drugs, Richard Nixon reportedly wanted the public “to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin.” A top Nixon adviser characterized the president’s war on drugs as a political move intended to help him attain and keep the presidency.

High Times reports that further, “The Nixon Tapes are replete with Nixon’s mix of irrational hatred of marijuana and non-white races and ethnicities, with quotes like, ‘I want a Goddamn strong statement on marijuana, I mean one that just tears the ass out of them. You know, it’s a funny thing, every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish.’”

Next: This president supposedly never smoked marijuana.

13. Jimmy Carter has supposedly never smoked marijuana

He might not have smoked, but he was open to reducing penalties for marijuana possession. | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

  • 39th president of the United States

High Times reports that Jimmy Carter has reportedly never smoked marijuana. (Even though Carter’s son did smoke on the roof of the White House with Willie Nelson.) Nonetheless, the publication characterizes Carter as “the most progressive president on pot in the War on Drugs era.”

Carter once told Congress, “I support legislation amending Federal law to eliminate all Federal criminal penalties for the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana.”

Next: This president both smoked marijuana and tried pot brownies.

14. Bill Clinton smoked marijuana and tried pot brownies

He said he experimented while in England. | Stephen Jaffe/AFP/Getty Images

  • 42nd president of the United States

Time reports that Bill Clinton once admitted that he tried marijuana as a 20-something Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford. “I’ve never broken a state law,” Clinton said. “But when I was in England I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and I didn’t like it. I didn’t inhale it, and never tried it again.”

As High Times reports, Clinton may have been telling the truth. “The late Christopher Hitchens, who attended Oxford with Clinton, said Bill had an affinity for pot brownies, so he may not have ever tried ‘it’ (inhaling) ever again.” Interestingly enough, Clinton is far from alone in enjoying marijuana (one way or the other). As The Daily Beast points out, “every Democratic presidential nominee since 1992 is on record as having smoked pot: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Barack Obama.”

Next: This president tried marijuana, too. But he wasn’t a Democrat.

15. George W. Bush tried marijuana

He’s admitted to smoking when he was younger. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

  • 43rd president of the United States

The Daily Beast reports that in a recorded interview with a friend, George W. Bush admitted to past marijuana use. Time notes that Bush wanted to avoid questions about his drug use because he didn’t want to set a bad example. He said that he didn’t want an American child to think, “President Bush tried marijuana, I think I will.” According to Weed News, Bush later admitted on The Tonight Show “I might’ve smoked something,” referring to his youthful indiscretions.

Bush wasn’t the only Republican nominee who tried marijuana. So did other Republican presidential candidates. “Newt Gingrich told the Wall Street Journal in 1996 he used to toke up. Even Rick Santorum admitted to smoking in college. Ditto, Sarah Palin when marijuana wasn’t illegal in Alaska.”

Next: Barack Obama definitely smoked marijuana.

16. Barack Obama smoked a lot of marijuana

He apparently smoked a lot. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

  • 44th president of the United States

Barack Obama has openly admitted to what The Daily Beast characterizes as “prodigious” marijuana use. The Week reports that as a high school student in Hawaii, Obama associated with a group of boys called “The Choom Gang.” The boys reportedly “loved basketball and good times,” and smoked plenty of marijuana.

Obama continued to smoke marijuana as an undergraduate at Occidental College in Los Angeles. And even when he ran for president, Obama was relatively open about his past drug use. But that didn’t stop Americans from feeling scandalized when one of Obama’s daughters got caught smoking at Lollapalooza.

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17. Donald Trump says he’s never smoked marijuana

He’s said marijuana legislation should be up to the states. | Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

  • 45th president of the United States

Vice reports that “Unlike the three presidents before him, Donald Trump swears he’s never smoked weed.” But the publication notes that on the campaign trail, Trump emphasized that his personal aversion to marijuana “had nothing to do with his politics.” He even said multiple times that marijuana legalization “should be up to the states.” However, that didn’t stop Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions from launching what Vox terms a “new war” on marijuana legalization.

Trump may not smoke marijuana himself. But he famously inspired someone else to partake on at least one occasion. As Vanity Fair reports, Woody Harrelson claims that he had to smoke a joint halfway through a dinner party with Trump to get through the evening.

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Many presidents smoked marijuana. Has Donald Trump ever given it a try?