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What is Peat Moss or Promix and should I use it to Grow Cannabis?

Peat Moss is an inert, biological (once living) substrate that is harvested from wetlands all around the world. Promix is a blended substrate comprised of peat moss, perlite, dolomite lime and a wetting agent. Peat moss blends grow cannabis well and the suggestions below will help you keep the root zone happy and healthy:

Pros of Peat Moss Blends:

  • It’s a fairly inexpensive substrate that comes ready to use in user friendly compressed bales.
  • Peat Moss can hold a lot of water – up to 25x its weight.

Cons of Peat Moss Blends:

  • Peat Moss has the potential to accumulate a lot of excess nutrients.
  • Peat Moss is naturally acidic (4.5 pH). Peat Moss blends use dolomite lime to increase the pH of the peat. Over time, the lime will break down, plants will absorb it and the pH of the substrate will drop.
  • Peat Moss is naturally hydrophobic and repels water. Wetting agents are needed to ensure proper and even saturation.

Tips for Using Peat Moss Blends:

  • Check the label of the peat moss blend you buy and see if it has an included “starter charge”. If it does, the first couple feeds should be only pH’d water.
  • If the pH of the Peat Moss becomes too acidic over time, top dress or re-amend it with dolomite lime or oyster flour.
  • Always monitor the pH and EC of your runoff. If your runoff EC /PPM is too high, help correct it with your next feeding. Use the Perfect Grower runoff chart below to help guide you:

Peat moss blends grow cannabis well and the suggestions below will help you keep the root zone happy and healthy. Read more!

Plagron Promix 50L

Plagron Promix 50L is now available in Alchimiaweb, a substrate for marijuana plants made from different quality peat moss that provide excellent oxygenation and lightness.

This soil only contains worm castings, without any other nutrient , helping to enhance the microbial life of the substrate while activating the assimilation of organic nutrients.

Thus, its EC value is low, what also enhances root development and lush growth of the plants.

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