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Pure Sativa Cannabis Strains

Cannabis Sativa makes up one-half of the two main psychoactive marijuana varieties Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica and tends to grow indigenously in regions with a warmer climate such as Thailand, Mexico and Colombia. The strains that grew uninterrupted to adapt to their climate over thousands of years are known as landrace strains and are some of the most powerful and sought-after strains in the world. This collection contains Pure Sativa weed strains that are tall, spindly and loaded with terpenes.

    Barney’s Farm Feminized Photoperiod 140 – 160 cm 350 g/m² indoors
    Ace Seeds Feminized Photoperiod High
    Ace Seeds Feminized Photoperiod High
    Dutch Passion Feminized Photoperiod High 500+ g/m² indoors
    Ace Seeds Feminized Photoperiod High High
    Medical Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 250 – 300 cm 500 g/m² indoors 500 – 700 g/plant outdoors
    Ace Seeds Feminized Photoperiod Medium
    World of Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 400 g/m² indoors 700 g/plant outdoors
    Dr Krippling Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 400 – 800 g/m² indoors 650 – 1400 g/plant outdoors
    Original Sensible Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 140 – 200 cm indoors 200 – 250 cm outdoors 400 g/m² indoors 800 g/plant outdoors
    Ace Seeds Feminized Photoperiod High
    World of Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 250 cm 400 g/m² indoors 800 g/plant outdoors
    Ace Seeds Feminized Photoperiod High High
    World of Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 400 g/m² indoors 800 g/plant outdoors
    World of Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 400 g/m² indoors 700 g/plant outdoors

Pure Sativa Seeds – What Is So Special?

This collection contains a wide range of Pure Sativa marijuana strains, which are suitable for only a small percentage of cannabis growers. They require lots of sunshine and space, as some can exceed 12 feet in height. For this reason, coupled with their lengthy flowering periods, we recommend outdoor growers in warmer climates grow these and discover all they have to offer, including heavy yields of tall, dense colas, which tend to have tropical/citrus dominant terpene profiles. Here is some more information on the Pure Sativa Collection:

  • Tall and spindly – these strains tend to grow tall and may need support toward the end of a flower when they begin to get heavy.
  • Unique terpene profiles – one of the key benefits of growing Sativa strains is their higher ratios of less common terpenes.
  • Excellent for concentrates – due to their wonderful aromatic compound content, they are great candidates for extractions.

The Finest Pure Sativa Seeds For Sale

If you’re looking to grow a Pure Sativa strain, look no further This collection has you covered!

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Cannabis Seeds

At Puresativa we distribute an exclusive range of high quality cannabis seeds from premium seed banks around the world. Distributing cannabis seeds since 2000 has allowed us to be the official UK and EU Distributor for the most renowned seed banks, firmly establishing ourselves within the cannabis community.

Acting as pioneers, Flying Dutchmen, T.H.Seeds, Paradise Seeds, DNA, Cali Connection and have laid the foundation for newer seed banks pathing the way by providing a substantial amount of knowledge, techniques and strains.

We represent a limited number of elite household names as well as newer seed banks able to exceed their competitors, such as The Plug Seedbank, Karma Genetics, Archive Seeds and Plantinum Seeds, also known as Terphogs that guarantee to produce the most irresistible, alluring and most importantly reliable plants that will surpass industry standard.

Through their art form of breeding and routinely testing under quality control conditions, these connoisseurs have created some of the most iconic masterpieces, producing cannabis seeds of an extremely high calibre. This has resulted in precious collector’s items as many of these strains are multi-award winning, declared as champion strains.

Whether it be through traditional methods or a modern approach these breeders have the expertise when it comes to cross pollination and selective breeding allowing you to be graced with marijuana seeds of the most desired traits. We offer a range of strains which are Indica dominant, Sativa dominant, hybrids, have high terpene profiles or CBD Rich allowing us to provide something that will suit your preference.

The seed banks and cannabis seed strains that we promote are specifically created for each seed bank’s target demographic.

Cannabis Seeds by offering medical marijuana seeds and cannabis seed strains from around the world. Specialising in Dutch Cannabis Seedbanks. ]]>