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What’s new and current with CZ?

CZ-USA makes some great stuff. Many of you may not realize that they make much much more than the venerable CZ-75. They literally offer the entire gamut of firearms choices to fit any lifestyle or shooting activity. We recently got back from SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and visited the CZ booth to get an idea of their vast spectrum of products.

The new Scorpion EVO 3 S1 is a civilian legal semi-automatic pistol, based on their fully automatic version available to military and law enforcement. This gun should prove to be quite popular with the tacti-“cool” crowd, and would make an excellent home defense firearm.

The Bren 805 Pistol is a piston driven, AR mag fed beast. If you are looking for a 5.56 caliber pistol to take to the end of the world, the Bren 805 might not be a bad choice.

They also released some new models, as well as special editions in the Dan Wesson lineup and for the popular CZ-75.

In case you have been living under a rock since the seventies, the CZ-75 is one of the original “Wonder Nines”. Still an excellent choice today, the CZ-75 remains one of the most ergonomic, accurate, and reliable pistols available.

If you like a custom touch on your handguns, CZ has a custom shop just for you. Run by the world famous Angus Hobdell, CZ Custom does some amazing work. Angus takes us on a tour of his great work, and talks about some of their capabilities.

If long range shooting is your cup of tea, CZ also makes highly competitive precision rifles. From 308 Winchester to 338 Lapua, CZ precision rifles are built to shoot.

Rimfire rifles remain a popular choice among shooters both young and old. CZ also makes rimfire rifles in 17HMR, 22LR, and 22 Magnum. The high quality of these rifles is in direct contrast to how affordable they are. These would make an excellent first gun, or one for an experienced shooter.

The new 512 Tactical is a rimfire rifle, customized from the factory to look at home next to any AR or other modern sporting rifle. Available in 22LR and 22 Magnum, CZ promises these rifles to be reliable and fun to shoot.

What? They make shotguns too? Yes, the CZ 712 is a semi-auto shotgun available in a variety of flavors, from utility camp gun, to home defense, to sporting.

They also make some of the most beautiful side-by-side and over-and-under shotguns out there. They have everything from extremely nice, affordable base models on up to stunningly beautiful works of art.

If you need more information, check out

As always, you can check out my Youtube channel for more gear reviews.

New Kershaw and Zero Tolerance Knives for 2015

Kershaw has always been known as a quality knife at an affordable price. Their designs are always modern, innovative, and cool. Zero Tolerance Knives are made in the USA, and are extremely tough. We visited the Kershaw booth at SHOT Show this year in Las Vegas, and Thomas Ward gave us an in depth tour of all the new offerings for 2015.

2015 is gonna be good for Kershaw, they have some really great new knives that I know we are all excited about here at Purple Mountain Outdoors. For more information visit or
As always, gear reviews and more can be found on our Youtube channel

New Spyderco Knives for 2015

It’s a new year, which is old news at this point. The new news however is that there are many great new offerings for knife lovers from Spyderco this year. We just got back from the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and met with Spyderco to get a run down of some of their new models.

Many cool knives in the video, but there are many more that were not even included.

The Ronin 2 is a fixed blade designed for close range self defense. This interesting knife incorporates a Warncliffe style blade shape. This is quite a handy shape design that not only looks extremely intimidating, but is also very useful. The fine tip makes daily tasks such as opening packages, or fine detail work a pleasure. This knife is similar in shape to the Yojimbo 2 folder, also from Spyderco. The Ronin 2 was designed by renowned personal-defense guru Michael Janich. The blade is made from CTS BD1, is 4.12″ long, and weighs 3.9 oz. The MSRP is $149.95.

Another wicked knife being released is the Matriarch 2. The Matriarch has been around for a little while, and is a smaller version of the classic Civilian model. The Matriarch 2 features the awesome Emerson Wave feature which allows the knife to be opened quickly from the pocket. Essentially the lip on top of the blade catches on the edge of the pocket and opens it quickly, making this knife just as fast into action as any fixed blade. Of course one can easily pull the knife from the pocket without deploying this feature if desired. Once into action, the Matriarch 2 features a Reverse “S” blade shape which offers an incredible amount of defensive capability even to users with limited defensive training. To top it all off, this knife features a fully serrated edge, giving the knife a much longer cutting surface than it’s 3.57″ blade length appears to have. The blade is the popular VG-10 steel that Spyderco has been using for years, and the Matriarch 2 has an MSRP of $164.95

A knife that really caught my eye is the gorgeous new Endura 4 Titanium Damascus. The Endura has been around for about as long as Spyderco has been making knives. I personally have and carry an Endura 4 which is a great lightweight defensive EDC blade. This is a highly refined version of that iconic knife and features a blade with a VG-10 core, sandwiched on each side by beautiful 15-layer Damascus steel. The scales are precision machined solid titanium. This knife is a definite high-class folder, and destined to become a collector item. The knife balances strength, and light weight for an EDC item welcome in any gentleman’s pocket. The MSRP is $289.95

Spyderco also released a new accessory for their excellent sharpening system, the Tri-Angle Sharpmaker. These new rods are made from Cubic Boron Nitride, and are extremely hard. Only diamond offers superior hardness. If you already use the Sharpmaker, these rods will turn your already sharp knives into something out of this world. The MSRP is $74.95 for the pair.

Independent Gear Review & Adventure

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