purple thai seeds

Purple Thai Feminised Seeds


Purple Thai is a powerful variety with strong Sativa effects such as a powerful psychedelic rush of happiness.

This landrace strain pays off with some highly introspective headstash.

It will definitely satisfy those who like marijuana for its mind-opening qualities and is ideal for meditation, yoga or any creative moment.

The dark buds of Purple Thai have an exotic, fruity/berry flavour and taste.

The average THC content was measured at 24%.

By always selecting the strongest Thai mother plant and using various other specialized breeding methods Anesia was able to stabilize this high THC value.

Purple Thai has a flowering period of 11-13 weeks and can be harvested at the end of October / beginning of November when grown outdoors.

Therefore, outdoor grows in Northern Europe are only viable in greenhouses, so that the autumn storms and the lower temperatures can not harm the plants.

The flowering phase should be initiated after 3-4 weeks of the vegetative growth.

Purple Thai performs well in SCROG and SOG.

Growing in a screen of green system offers enough space for the plants to spread out to their full potential.

If you expose Purple Thai to lower temperatures toward the end of the grow cycle the colours often begin to turn much more violet in shade, sometimes even blue.

Mature plants grown indoors are typically between 80-90 cm and are full of heavy buds with a dark purple colour and orange hairs.

Indoor growers can expect a yield of more than 500gr/m2.

Outdoor growing will produce yields up to 1kg per plant depending on the specific conditions such as temperature and soil type.

It is well suited for use in the morning and is great for dealing with numerous ailments such as stress, depression, and loss of appetite.

Additional Information

Seed Bank Anesia Seeds
Seed Type Feminised
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Genetics Durban Poison
Where to Grow Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 11 – 13 weeks
Type Pure Sativa
Yield 650 gr/m2
THC 24%
Height Indoors: 160 – 250 cm Outdoors: 250 – 400 cm


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<p>Purple Thai is a powerful variety with strong Sativa effects such as a powerful psychedelic rush of happiness.</p> <p>This landrace strain pays off with some highly introspective headstash.</p> <p>It will definitely satisfy those who like marijuana f

Purple Thai Autoflower R B1

Purple Thai Autoflower R B1 is a feminised automatic cannabis plant created by Ethos Genetics. It is the result of a cross between two well-known strains, Purple Thai widely used in the breeding world crossed with Pluto Cut Auto which provides the automatic gene.

Purple Thai Autoflower R B1 growth

This automatic variety has a compact and vigorous development, with no excessive lateral ramifications. It is ideal for indoor SOG cultivation where a 20/4h photoperiod can be used to obtain the best results both in vegetative growth and in flowering.

It is a short auto-flowering plant perfect for cultivation corners where there is not much height available. The flowering is abundant even being a not very big plant, requiring between 70-80 days to complete the flowering.

Purple Thai Autoflower R B1 flowering

By the end of its flowering stage, it is produced a one bud plant full of buds from the bottom to the main tip. It does not require large amounts of fertiliser, just a balanced nutrition is sufficient to obtain compact and resinous buds. At mid-flowering one can expect to see bright pink and purple colours with yellow glints that provide an impressive appearance.

A tremendously high resin amount can be produced by the flowers, as a non-automatic plant. The results are great, with a yield that varies between 40-80g per plant in indoor cultivation.

Purple Thai Autoflower R B1 flavours and effect

Purple Thai Autoflower R B1 flavours have a tendency to Purple Thai ancestors with a floral base that mixes incense and spicy notes that will delight Thai strain lovers.

It has a complex effect, a balanced mixture between Indicas and Sativas, providing the consumer a relaxing effect with a general well-being feeling and a smile drawn on the face together with an active and cheerful effect on the mental level.

Purple Thai Autoflower R B1, an auto and feminised variety.