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Purple Trainwreck

Purple Trainwreck is an indica dominant plant that contains 35% sativa and 65% indica. It is based on the combinning of Mendo Purps and Trainwreck.

The plant needs a quite space and a feeding riched in nutrients. Purple Trainwreck is sensitive to humidity and pests. Therefore it suits for indoors, greenhouses and outdoors when the climate is temperate, warm, dry or Mediterranean. Purple Trainwreck demonstrates amazing violet and purple colors when the night temperatures are lower then day.

Purple Trainwreck provides aromas of citrus and lightly hot spices. The smoke produces a taste of lemon, pine and lavender. The long-lasting effect has two stages. The first is cerebral, invigorating and psychedelic, the second brings a potent relaxation.

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I really feel bad for the HSO Purple Trainwreck, rating her #4 out of the 4 HSO strains grown and #5 out of the 6 overall. She’s got the yield, she’s got the DENSEST of all the buds. She’s got the weirdest baco-bits mixed with baby powder smell, that at first is alarming, but endearing in its uniqueness. And she does hit like a train, fell asleep to this the other night 🙂 She just happened to be up against some tough competition with these other strains!

The PT stands well on her own. If you’re looking for an indica with a different flavor profile but a nice couchlock effect, this would be a good place to look. She does awesome with LST and grows thick hardy buds. But when lined up against all the other HSO greatness I’ve grown, she’s just the last of this bunch. Don’t let that stop you from trying and deciding for yourself!

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Tips for Growing Purple Trainwreck Cannabis

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Strain Overview: Purple Trainwreck is a cross between Mendocino Purps and Trainwreck. Both parent strains are well-known in the California scene, and Purple Trainwreck follows in their footsteps. Known for its large yields and resistance to disease and mold, this strain has been a longtime favorite for outdoor cultivators.

Grow Techniques: Grow this strain outdoors if you can. Healthy soils and exposure to sunlight will allow this strain to grow large. Top once when the plant is a few feet tall and again every few weeks until it reaches flowering; this will allow the plant to grow into an even bush of buds. If you prune and stake the branches, you will be well rewarded.

Flowering Time: 8 to 9 weeks

Yield: High

Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Climate: Purple Trainwreck resists mold well and tolerates colder temperatures. While harsh weather can lower the yield, this plant can push through some tough times. Ideally, Purple Trainwreck should be grown between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Indoor/Outdoor: If you have the option, grow this strain outdoors where it has enough space to take off.

Feeding: Healthy soil at the beginning of the season will get Purple Trainwreck started on the right foot. Compost tea can improve the plant’s vitality, and top dressing the soil with phosphorus-dense nutrients at the beginning of flowering will keep Purple Trainwreck growing at full speed.

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