recipe 420 potting soil price

Recipe 420 potting soil price

I work in a garden center and we’re thinking of carrying this brand of potting soil/mix. (around here all mixes for containers are called “Potting Soil” but are 99% all soil-less, so please no griping about it containing “dirt”, it doesn’t)

My boss gave me two 2 cu ft bags to test out, because he knows I grow veggies. I also was given a small bag of Buffaloam potting soil to test as well.

So the Emerald Triangle Blend Recipe 420 potting soil was used to pot up a San Marzano Pole tomato and an English Telegraph cucumber into a 15 gallon nursery pot each. One bag of 2 cu ft fit nicely into each 15 gal pot with a little left over.

I’m going to take pic about every week or so and see how they do.

I also did a comparison planting with the Recipe 420 and another brand we’re thinking of stocking; Buffaloam potting soil, which is made from composted Buffalo manure.

I planted three mimulus flowers from the same 6-pack into each 12″ hanging basket. I’ll take pics of these too.

So far I like the Recipe 420. It was nice and dark, smelled good too. It drained a little slower than my own mix, which has more bark and sand, but seemed richer. We shall see.

I don’t know where these are available nationwide. They may be local to CA. And this is in no way scientific, just a casual comparison. Should be fun!

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