screaming eagle strain

Screaming eagle strain

Orange 43 24% 0% $44/2.83g

Chocolope 26.40% 0.10% $53/2.83g

Sativa Scream 19.40% 0.05% $28/2.83g

California Dream 15% 0.30% $38/2.83g

Grapefruit Sour Dream 17.50% 0.30% $150/14.15g

Sunset Sherbet 25% 0.30% $89/5.66g

Sundae Driver 24.40% 0% $44/2.83g

707 Headband 19.50% 0% $40/2.83g

Klar (Hemma) 15.30% 0.10% $38/2.83g

Lemon DO-SI-DOs 17% 0.30% $150/14.15g

Wedding Cake 24% 0% $89/5.66g

Miracle Alien Cookies AKA (EVERGREEN) 21.50% 0% $44/2.83g

Inception 17% 0.30% $150/14.15g

OTIS OG 16.90% 0.80% $38/2.83g Comet 10 8% 8% $52/2.83g

Magic Panda 0.40% 9.50% $52/2.83g

Harle-TSU 0.49% 10.60% $50/2.83g

Electric Bubble 5.81% 8.97% $52/2.83g

The Botanist – Wickliffe

DO-SI DOs 25% 0% $45/2.83g

Harvest Moon 19.60% 0.05% $40/2.83g 92

Cookies 24% 0.30% $52/2.83g

GMO 23.90% 0.10% $50/2.83g

Purple H 19.10% 0% $49/2.83g 818

Headband 15.50% 0.30% $38/2.83g

Grapefruit Sour Dream 17.50% 0.30% $150/ 14.15g

Ghost OG 28.90% 0% $44/2.83g

Phog Walker 24% 0.30% $52/2.83g

Member OG 16.69% 0.10% $40/2.83g

Crushed Berriers 15.20% 0.10% $40/2.83g

Blueberry Cheesecake 31% 0% $89/5.66g

Wedding Cake 26% 0% $89/5.66g

Platinum Alien OG 21% 0.30% $42/2.83g

Cresco Cookies 17.56% 0.27% $50/2.83g

Banana Pudding 16.60% 0.02% $26/2.83g

Inception 17% 0.30% $150/14.15g

AC/DC 0.50% 15% $50/2.83g

Comet 10 8% 8% $52/2.83g

Shark Shock 8% 8.60% $50/2.83g

Magic Panda 0.40% 9.50% $52/2.83g

Harle-TSU 0.49% 10.60% $50/2.83g

Ohio Cannabis Company

707 Headband 20.48% – $45/2.83g

Bio J 23.40% – $50/2.83g

Dark Star 19.20% – $80/5.66g

Jedi Kush 15.60% – $39/2.83g

Locomotion #1 13.10% – $33/2.83g

Member OG 20.35% – $70/5.66G

Northen Lights 21% – $48/2.83g

Platinum OG 20.40% – $46/2.83g

Shark Shock 5% 6.90% $45/2.83g

Sunset Sherbert 24.72% – $85/5.66g

Tribal Delight 18.45% – $40/2.83g

True OG 21.89% – $85/5.66g

ACDC 0.60% 16% $48/2.83g

Black Jack 24.31% – $95/5.66g

Clementine 15.37% – $48/2.83g

Island Sweet Skunk 16.47% – $48/2.83g

Lemon Dosidos 15.16% – $29/2.83g

Lemon Skunk 13.50% – $42/2.83g

Outer Space 18.44% – $48/2.83g

Sebastapol 10.42% – $29/2.83g

Sojay 15.78% – $44/2.83g

The Vision 14.33% – $29/2.83g

Banana Pudding Tang 27.50% – $55/2.83g

Blueberry Cheesecake 27.52% – $85/5.66g

Bubba Tangie 13.20% – $58/5.66

Buckeye Reserve 14.56% 0.03% $33/2.83g

Captains Cakes 26% – $50/2.83g

Chem OG 24% $50/2.83g

Cresco Cookies 16.07% $42/2.83g

Critical Hog 22.50% $42/2.83g

Cush BD 4.95% 7.60% $35/2.83g

Gibsonburg Glue 23% – $50/2.83g

Grape Lime Ricky 19% – $39/2.83g

Harvest Moon 19.63% 0.05% $45/2.83g

Hikers Blend 16.86% 0.07% $42/2.83g

Larry OG 20.20% – $62/5.66g

Lemon Royal 21.20% – $48/2.83g

Meigs Co Express 24.29% – $47/2.83g

Meigs Co Meow 20.83% 0.05% $45/2.83g

Meigs Country Coconut 20.70% 0.05% $42/2.83g

Meigs County Gold 18.23% 0.03% $45/2.83g

Meigs County Honey 24.59% 0.08% $50/2.83g

Papaya Punch 16.43% 0.03% $33/2.83g

Pheno 51 16.89% – $40/2.83g

Pineapple 13.82% – $40/2.83g

Sour Banana Sherbet 14.40% – $33/2.83g

Sticky Buns 22% 0.10% $48/2.83g

Tahoe Jack 18.60% 0.02% $38/2.83g

Tropicana 17.40% – $40/2.83g

Velvet Pillow Tier 1 21% – $40/2.83g

Wedding Cake 25.79% – $85/5.66g

The Forest Dispensary

    Edit Text Editor

Harvest Moon 20% 0% $48/2.83g

Gibsonburg Glue 20% 0% $48/2.83g

Sherbet 17% 0% $48/2.83g

Velvet Pillow 24% 0% $48/2.83g

DosiDos 25% 0% $48/2.83g GSC 24% 0% $48/2.83g

Purple Punch 19% 0% $48/2.83g

Cannatonic 1% 15% $44/2.83g

Evergreen 20% 0% $40/2.83g

Blueberry Cookies 12% 0% $40/2.83g

Tahoe Jack 19% 0% $40/2.83g

Hiker’s Blend 17% 0% $35/2.83g

Ghost OG 22% 0% $48/2.83g

Triangle Kush 22% 0% $45/2.83g 24K 22% 0% $40/2.83g

GMO 26% 0% $48/2.83g

Mimosa 15% 0% $40/2.83g

Mr. Nice 19% 0% $48/2.83g

Hot Banana 20% 0% $48/2.83g

Catfish 28% 0% $44/2.83g

Dosiface 28% 0% $44/2.83g

Sticky Buns 22% 0% $48/2.83g

Chem OG 21% 0% $48/2.83g

One Trick Pony 17% 1% $45/2.83g

Screaming Eagle 17% 1% $45/2.83g

Orange Apricot 11% 0% $40/2.83g

Sophies + PP 15% 1% $36/2.83g

Mumbles 13% 0% $36/2.83g

Locomotion 13% 0% $36/2.83g

Outer Space 17% 0% $48/2.83g

Sojay 19% 0% $48/2.83g

Pheno 51 17% 0% $40/2.83g

Freemont Fog 19% 0% $40/2.83g

Comet 10 8% 7% $48/2.83g

Dream Catcher 17% 0% $48/2.83g

Lemon Dos-I-Dos 17% 0% $48/2.83g

Grapefruit SD 18% 0% $45/2.83g

California Dream 16% 0% $45/2.83g

Love 4% 8% $45/2.83g

The Potion 18% 0% $40/2.83g

92 Cookies 15% 0% $36/2.83g

Otis OG 15% 0% $36/2.83g

Velvet Blush 14% 1% $36/2.83g

Flossin 18% 0% $36/2.83g

Oro Blanco 15% 0% $36/2.83g

One Drop 17% 0% $36/2.83g

818 Headband 13% 0% $36/2.83g

Poochie Love 17% 0% $36/2.83g

CY+ Dispensary

FS Locomotion #1 Flower 0.17% 14.03% $33/2.83g

BG Rainbow Chip Tier 2 Flower 0.37% 29.40% $52/2.83g BR 818

Headband Flower 0.16% 17.22% $44/2.83g

BR BBYD Flower 23.21% – $48/2.83g

BR California Dream Flower 0.54% 16.73% $44/2.83g

BR Comet 10 Flower – CBD – 9.22% $52/2.83g

BR Diesel OG Flower 18.64% 18.64% $44/2.83g

BR Dosidos 18 Flower 20.22% 20.22% $44/2.83g

BR Dream Catcher Flower 25.41% 0.06% $48/2.83g

BR Florilla Glue Flower 24.21% – $48/2.83g BR

Flossin Tier 2 Flower 28.50% – $52/2.83g BR

Heatwave Flower 23.79% 0.68% $48/2.83g

BR MGHM Flower 25.38% – $48/2.83g

BR Sunshine Lime Flower 24.66% – $48/2.83g

CL Durban Flower 20.82% – $50/2.83g

CL Sojay Flower 18.89% – $50/2.83g

FS AC/DC Flower – CBD – – $50/2.83g

FS One Trick Pony Flower 19.24% – $45/2.83g

Song Cindy 99 Flower 18.50% – $50/2.83g

Song Mimosa Flower 17.37% – $50/2.83g

BR Key Lime Frap Flower 26.30% – $52/2.83g

CL OG 18 Flower 20% – $50/2.83g

FS Shark Shock Flower – CBD 7.76% 0.17% $50/2.83g



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Screaming Eagle Wine and The Similarities Between Wine and Weed Heads

Screaming Eagle Wines is hands-down the most luxurious wine brand in the united states. It was founded in 1986 and already had vintages scoring 99’s from reputable critics by ’92. Its reputation hit a fever pitch in 1997 when they created the “perfect” bottle and scored 100 out of 100. Since then they’ve put another five perfect scores and have seen their wine’s demand skyrocket to untold levels while becoming a bucket list drink for wine connoisseurs the world over.

Wine and Weed Have A Lot In Common

The waiting list for their wines is years long and single bottles range anywhere from $2500 to over $10,000. This product’s exclusivity doesn’t represent the wine market as a whole, just the highest shelf of the proverbial cellar. Cannabis also has a wide-ranging buyers’ market, all the way from $5 pre-rolls to $10,000 golden cannagars. Grapes are grown and turned into wine while cannabis is grown and processed into goods like pre-rolls, edibles, and tinctures. Cannabis and grapes are both grown, processed and sold for the main purpose of altering consciousness. And maybe not so surprisingly their subcultures share quite a few similarities as well.

Crop In, Crop Out

Grapes and cannabis are both delicate agricultural crops. This makes strain choice and climate incredibly important for the final product of wine and cannabis. The grapes grown for wine are only viable in a select warn and sunny climates across the world like eastern Washington, the Napa Valley California, Spain, and France. Indoor cannabis can be grown anywhere, but outdoor cannabis has environmental factors that must be met. Growers need to be much more select about their strain menu when operating outdoors. Plants that are hearty enough to resist wind, rain, and pests are going to be the choicest options.

Screaming Eagle’s perfect scoring wines come from grapes grown in four separate wineries, three in California and one in France. The best grapes are combined and processed into vintages like the Sauvignon Blanc.

Terp Chasers and Tannin Assassins

Cannabis and wine each share an incredibly nerdy subculture centered around mastering the aromatics and consumption experience. In wine, becoming a sommelier is a big deal. It’s indescribably hard to gain the distinction and the title holds a lot of prestige and value in the wine world.

While cannabis lacks anything officially close to a sommelier’s market worth or prestige, there are a ton of obsessed cannabis consumers that seek out a cannabis experience in many of the same ways as avid wine nerds. The totality of the experience is what’s important, not just the psychoactive or ambition lowering effects.

Aromatics, growing regions, textures, brands, vintage (strains) and other factors are all considered. Budtenders, like bartenders, may encourage selections to consumers to try one of these products based on terpene flavor. The term “cannasseur” has become more common in weed-head circles. While it’s used in a tongue-and-cheek way, the term is comparable to wine’s equivalent. “Terp chasers” is my favorite nickname for the weed-snobs among us, would the wine equivalent be a tannin assassin? In particular, cannabis concentrate users tend to focus on terpene profiles and strain genetics. Wine Cellar Insider describes Screaming Eagle’s 2013 Sauvignon Blanc as having flavors akin to fresh flowers, honeydew melons, and green apples. Describing tasting notes in this way is incredibly similar to the way cannabis consumers describe terpene profiles.

Wine and weed have a lot in common, from how their processed for consumption to the consumers themselves. See why cannasseurs and connoisseurs alike might enjoy Screaming Eagle Wine.