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Seeds of fate

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Seeds of Fate – A Pregnancy-Based RPG

Seeds of Fate Demo v2

Hey guys! Been a little while, but we’ve got a new Seeds of Fate demo out!

You can find all the links & info here:…

Or, if you don’t mind sitting through a half dozen seperate deviantART checks for leaving the site.

There’s a whole mess of new content and new features. Sadly, as previously stated you cannot use savegames from the previous demo. There are also a number of bugs, sadly, which we haven’t been able to work out.

If you guys can help us out by posting here or, preferably on the forums with any bugs or balance issues you encounter, or any feedback in general, go ahead!

ALSO: just going to say this now because a lot of people have commented on it. In the stealth section in the desert base DASHING will alert the guards to your presence. You have wo WALK to sneak around them. Sorry this isn’t well explained in the game itself, we’ll look at it for the next release.

Seeds of Fate Demo!

Latest Demo Build of Growth Academy: August 2020

What is this game about? i’m curious.

you still working on it?

It has indeed been a while but I must question your mathematical prowess if you believe it was “4-6 years maybe more”. This journal was posted in 2013. Unless I’ve fallen into some sort of time vortex it is at this moment still only 2015. It’s been two and a half years.

You claim you understand, but I don’t think you do.

You’re better off asking Saburo X. I’m no longer working on Seeds of Fate, but he still is. I don’t know the state of the project, but I do know that the demo only constituted a small part of the planned game. It was a very ambitious project and so completing the whole thing could be a very long process. I am also under the impression that since I left the project Saburo has overhauled most of what was in the demo. This is the last update I saw:

I never had a copy of the version of the game in this teaser, don’t know if it was ever released as such. All the maps and such have been reworked.

Anyway, if you’re looking for news on it go talk to him.

Wow I downloaded it last night, and I couldn’t put it down. I think you guys have the perfect balance of fetish material and game play. I think that’s tough to do because too much of one would kind of ruin the point of the game. I’d like to give my rationale for each.

For game play, I love the simplicity and ease of being able to progress. This isn’t a traditional game one would buy so I don’t think you’d want major challenges, “getting to the good stuff” I think is important and what people interested in this would want. I also absolutely love the plot, once you get to the ruins with Adi you pretty much have a good idea as to how it’s going to progress and I love it, very well thought out and I’d say it’s fairly original. And despite that the ending of the second demo leaves me wanting more.

As for fetish material, what you have is good. I do have 2 comments. One, I love the anime style pictures that are used, more would be better. Also maybe a way to control the picture or a warning as to when they’re about to appear for those playing that would like a screen shot . Also, and this may be a personal preference, but my personal taste is that I love seeing a pregnant belly slowly grow, but not get super enormous. Any way of starting out the bellies small and as the girls get more powerful have them grow larger? Of course with more anime pics depicting this

I would like to conclude letting you know that I would love to donate to this great project when my finance allow for it. And for a rating I’d give it a 9 out of 10. The only thing I thought was missing was more pictures, otherwise you guys have something really awesome, and I hope you’ll continue to work on it.

Seeds of Fate Demo v2 Hey guys! Been a little while, but we’ve got a new Seeds of Fate demo out! You can find all the links & info here:… Or, if you don’t