shaking after smoking weed

Why you’re shaking after smoking weed

You’re sitting relaxing with your friends, you start to twitch, some parts of your body are shaking uncontrollably. Relax it’s harmless and will disappear just as quick as the embarrassing condition appeared.

The fight and flight response can be invoked when you have consumed too much THC from cannabis, you have now set yourself up for some anxious feelings. This effect is more often invoked when you are a highly sensitive person. The trembling that can occur within the different parts of your body can be attributed to anxiety. Your head or your hands make feel like they are shaking uncontrollably for a moment or two. You have more than likely smoked or consumed too much. Try taking a breath of fresh air to calm yourself down. Practice your deep breathing it will help to release those feelings of anxiety.

Smoking tobacco and drinking coffee have both been associated with the shakes. If you are rolling your joint with tobacco and enjoying your espresso coffee, that could be the reason for the shakes. Try to reduce or eliminate the rolling of your joints with tobacco. Maybe switching to decaffeinated coffee or a nice herbal tea might help in the reduction of the weed shakes or the body twitching that can be felt when the combination of the herb and beverage is combined.

If you are one of those that feel the cold more than others, your feet start of cold then it moves to your hands perhaps you need to grab the blanket while partaking. Cannabis has been known to lower the body temperature, and you may experience weed chills. So, under the covers you go if you feel chilly when smoking.

Shaking after smoking weed? If your shakes are caused by nervousness the use of CBD oil or extract for its anxiolytic qualities is going to help you to relax and combat the shakes.

Is your body twitching when high? Are they becoming a more common occurrence when you are smoking, you may need to change the strain. If you notice that marijuana causing muscle spasms, then you should take note, do as advised and change the strain that you are currently using. Try to stay away from energizing sativa strains. These strains may increase and induce anxiety. Use an Indica strain for that relaxed,laid-back feeling, that feeling of your body being in a warm comfy state this being a common feeling from the Indica strain. Try to keep in mind to include higher amounts of CBD in the strain that you choose to use.

Most people, if they are experiencing weed shakes find that staying calm will help them to subside. Put your joint down take some deep breaths, and within 15 or 20 minutes you should feel fine.

If all else fails, then perhaps you should speak with a cannabis educated health provider. The shakes should subside in 15 minutes as I stated if this is not happening then you need to investigate further.

The fight and flight response can be invoked when you have consumed too much THC from cannabis, you have now set yourself up for some anxious feelings.

Do You Shake Or Get Tremors When You’re High? Here is Why

Some People Get Shakes When THC is Abundant in Their Blood

Do You Shake Or Get Tremors When You’re High? Here’s Why.

I’ll never forget what happened sometime in January this year. I was gifted with homemade space cookies straight from San Francisco, and I had a bite the size of my fingernail.

It was like a roundtrip ticket to the moon.

I can’t recall ever being that high in recent history. While it was fun, the first 3 hours consisted of me wrapping myself in a blanket in the most delicious state of paralysis BUT I couldn’t stop shaking. I remember so clearly reaching out to the bedside table to drink a glass of water, but my entire arm (and the glass) kept shaking uncontrollably. After a while, even though my hit came in waves continuously for almost 8 hours after that, the shaking eventually subsided.

I did some research after that, and I realized that I wasn’t alone!

Shaking or the tremors when you get really high is common among stoners. Here’s why:

Cold Temperatures And Your Body

Cannabis is known to lower body temperatures. This reaction is called THC-induced hypothermia. However, don’t let the name scare you – THC-induced hypothermia is not a cause for concern, unlike actual hypothermia. When you combine this phenomenon with getting really high in a cold or air-conditioned room like I did, then you’ll likely experience the shakes even more. If you’re in a cold place, just get warm under a cozy blanket or take a nice hot shower.

Keep in mind that cannabis actually reduces and treats the shakes among people with medical conditions, such as muscle spasms or Parkinson’s disease. THC-induced hypothermia and its correlating shakes are short-lived and no reason for you to worry.


If you’re getting high with new people, or are feeling a little nervous, this could give you the shakes because of anxiety. Consuming large amounts of THC has been known to make certain people more edgy and anxious, which can manifest as social anxiety if you’re around people you aren’t really familiar with, resulting in the shakes or tremors.

Additionally, anxiety has been associated with trembling which can be felt in different parts of the body such as the hands, feet, head, and back. If you experience shaking after a heavy smoke session or eating too many edibles, it’s probably an indication that you’ve smoked too much and it’s nothing to worry about. Just remember not to consume more than you can handle the next time around.


It’s not uncommon for many people to enjoy combining cannabis with stimulants such as tobacco or caffeine; sometimes even both at the same time. However, tobacco and caffeine stimulate the nervous system, so even if you’re smoking a joint that’s been loaded with tobacco or if you smoke cigarettes when high, this stimulation can trigger the shakes.

How To Combat The Shakes

No matter how uncomfortable the shakes, tremors, or trembling may feel, keep in mind that they are not life-threatening. These are just some of the minor side effects of cannabis, or consuming too much cannabis, along with dry or red eyes, sweating, increased heart rate, cotton mouth, the munchies, paranoia, and headaches.

If you have CBD products or high-CBD strains lying around, this is the best and most effective way to combat the shakes especially if you’ve consumed way too much THC. CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in the plant, is known to be a powerful anxiolytic (anti-anxiety). Consuming CBD in any form will most certainly relax you and help bring you down, while helping to mitigate the effects of THC.

It also helps to be wary of the kind of strains you’re smoking, what you’re feeling the day you smoked (if you’re extra stressed or prone to anxiety), if you consumed stimulants that day in the form of coffee or tobacco, and taking note of how, when, and where you consumed. Detailing these notes can help you adjust your consumption habits as needed. If you are new to cannabis, shakes and tremors may be a sign that you need to experiment with other products or strains to avoid this condition next time, especially if it seriously bothers you.

Other things you can do to combat the shakes include:

Getting up and going outside for fresh air, placing your focus on your new environment

Take a hot shower or bath

Warm up under a blanket

Switch to a lower THC, high CBD strain, or an indica strain to relax you

Have you ever experienced tremors and shaking while high? Share your experience with us in the comments!

If you have CBD products or high-CBD strains lying around, this is the best and most effective way to combat the shakes especially if you’ve consumed way…