skydog strain

Skydog strain

Excellent strain for pain relief. Heady without leaving you stupid and confused. Full body numbing quality. Some dry mouth, even headache elements to the side effects. This is a xanax in the form of herb. In edible form, the onset is very gradual and sustainable for multiple hours. Very much indica in the relaxed aspect, but without the lack of energy or interest you can get with a pure indica. A little goes a long way for the edible concoction. Not too much on increase in appetite, which is good. Music pairing: Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground, Beach House, Johnny Cash. Great high for snowmen making and painting scenic memories.

A Canadian hybrid strain that has taken off in many areas including the USA is Skydog. The actual parents vary but they are strong Indicas with some haze. The ratio is about 80:20 Indica/Sativa. The smell it offers is lemon and that is also the smooth taste it offers. The THC level can be up to 2…


Indica 70 / Sativa 30
Origins: Skydog
Flowering: 55-60 days
Harvest: early October

Skydog is an F1 hybrid from Willy Jack’s seedbank. Willy Jack likes F1 plants because they are more vigorous growers. Skydog mixes some haze ancestors with strong indica strains selected for fast growth, THC content and a balance between mental and physical stones. Above all, this cross is potent. Smokers will fly out the chimney with both mind and body vibrating to Skydog’s song.

Skydog exhibits balanced, rapid growth in a sea of green. She reaches 3.5 feet indoors with a compact profile and sturdy branching. Skydog flowers quickly, filling her growing area with an intense lemon scent. While this strain generally finishes in around 8 weeks, some plants may express more Haze genes, which means stretchy branch growth and slower finish. Growers may find it worthwhile to ripen a stretchy plant for an extra two weeks, giving her time to brew an even more floaty, mental, sativa-flavored high. These plants are real calyx factories, producing big bud clusters crystalline with resin.

Outdoors, Skydog finishes early enough to avoid Jack Frost, even in Canada. But she is sensitive to bad weather, so she should be watched as the weather turns chillier. This variety’s normal green leaves tend toward a red pigment outdoors. However, the leaves are not very noticeable on a mature Skydog, as they will be overwhelmed by coral-like proliferation of buds.

Some tokers rate Skydog among the strongest of all Canadian strains. This is a mental vacation smoke, but one thats giddy rather than lethargic. It’s a good choice for a godlike morning walk in alpine meadows followed by a long comedown toward lunch. It would also go well with a one-man-army computer game and something loud on the headphones.

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Skydog – hybrid cannabis marijuana weed strain. Strain description, growing tips, and where to buy seeds.