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One of the most potent Kush hybrids to be found in all of the galaxy, this 21% THC knockout artist is easy to grow, a massive producer and will flower in just 8-9 weeks. A super loud, gassy, pine, citrus terpene profile will work your carbon filters overtime. Prepare for a journey into another realm and dimension, after lighting up a joint of Skywalker OG Feminized.

Genetics: Created by crossing Skywalker known for its sturdy, easy to grow nature and thick, classic indica bud structure, with the terpene rich OG Kush from the West Coast. Expect ultimate hybrid vigour with this indica dominant hybrid, perfect for commercial growers looking for large sized yields of pure dank. She is a tough strain that will deliver excellent results outdoors, with a high resistance to mould, making her perfect for growers who experience colder climates and shorter summers.

Strain Characteristics: Skywalker OG Feminized will grow with an indica appearance, meaning that she will stay low and bushy. A great choice for growers with limited space, who want an easy to grow hybrid. Once flowered she will remain medium height, with tightly packed internodal spacing and thick fan leaves.

She is a very productive strain producing yields of 500 – 600 g/m², and supporting her side branches is well recommended once blooming starts, due to her excessive weight.

THC levels will range between 18-21%, making her a strong strain that is best suited for smokers with a high tolerance and fans of couch locking Kush goodness. Be careful when drying her out, as her terpene profile is extremely dank and overwhelmingly pungent.

Experiencing this strain: The effects are powerful, long lasting and will keep your mind in another galaxy. After smoking a joint, your entire face will feel her physical grip, as it transcends into your legs. Highly recommended as a night nurse, and smoking in the day time can put you in a heavy slumber laid out on your couch. One of the strongest kush hybrids with a super moorish Kush flavour, that will have you licking your lips every toke of the joint. Her flavour profile can be described as spicy, herbal, piney, gassy and earth that will linger in your mouth like a kush mouthwash. Medical patients may find Skywalker OG Feminized useful for pain relief, muscle spasms, cramps, sleeping disorders, suppressed appetite and removing feelings of anxiety.

What makes this strain so great: It won’t take long before you feel like you are walking on the sky, with this belting Kush hybrid. Easy to grow, highly aromatic, very generous producer and powerful enough to send you to a galaxy far away.

Skywalker OG seeds, grow with high THC levels which will knock you out! ⭐Biological seeds only ⭐High amount THC

Skywalker OG Seeds

Skywalker OG Seeds germinate to a beautifully balanced, indica-heavy hybrid weed variant that was conceived from the genes borrowed from Skywalker strain and OG Kush. It is a potent weed variant that has THC content ranging from 18% – 30% range and a CBD potency that is within the 0.06% – 0.2% range. It delivers a clear headed high with uplifting mood abilities and is preferred mostly by mmj users due to its symptom numbing abilities.

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More about Skywalker OG Seeds

How to Grow Skywalker OG Pot Plants?

It has a preference to grow in dry, sunny outdoor environments where it can expand itself as much as it possibly can. It delivers generous yields when adequately takencare of and is best grown outdoors.

Indoor Growing vs. Outdoor growing

When grown indoors,Skywalker OG can yield an impressive 16 Oz. per meter squared of the grow area. It has a flowering period that spans over a period 9 to 10 weeks till the buds reach full maturity. On the contrary, growing outdoors with ample sunlight and proper care the buds of this strain reaches maturity around the month of October. It yields an impressive 28 Oz. of fragrant mmj per plant!


It is recommended to feed the plant heavily during the flowering phase. It is crucial that the plants are bathed in compost tea using thefoliar spray to assist them in developing dense canopies.

Grow Techniques

Skywalker OG plants tend to expand both in their sides and in height,so it is recommended to put these plants out in the open rather than keeping them confined in the small space of the growing area. Growing outdoors in a fully equipped greenhouse, it produces relatively larger buds with ahigher number of trichomes covered in beads of resin. It is recommended to use structural support for keeping the large buds of the plant attached to the plant and prevent breakage.

Recreational Effects

Skywalker OG is a perfect example of a perfectly balanced kushregarding taste, aroma and high that is the classic trait of a true to the bone indica!

  • Induces a gentle out-of-body feel
  • Makes the user feel relaxed both physically and psychologically
  • Causesa euphoric state onto its user that kicks in almost instantly after the first puff
  • Causes the ‘couch-lock’effect
  • Ideal for a night time smoking session
  • Takes the user on a psychedelic trip followed by vivid hallucinations

Side Effects

  • Dry Mouth
  • Dry Eyes
  • Paranoid
  • Dizzy
  • Anxious

Medical Use


  • Insomnia
  • Lack Of Appetite
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Pain


  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Stress

Taste & Aroma

It has a distinctive smell that resembles earthy smell mixed with the wet earth smell after a bout of rain. Although some users even came out with their own versions and stated that its aroma is similar to that of fresh spices mixed with a mild undertone of sweetness. Its smoke when inhaled resembles the taste of new pine cones with a hint of fruity touch in the undertones.

Price comparison and review of Skywalker OG weed seeds for sale in the market. Marijuana strain genetics, effects, taste along with a how to grow guide.