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Think Big

Think Big is a new autoflowering strain based on the legendary Think Different genetics. It produces bigger plants and crops than its parent.

Think Big can grow higher 1 m+. The plant needs some extra weeks to produce amazing big yields. The flowering period takes 13-14 weeks from germinations. The strain demonstrates great results both indoors and outdoors.

The plant offers the strong sativa effect and the taste with hints of citrus and incense.


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I already had the pleasure of tasting a bud from a friend of mine who grew one himself. The taste, the high and the simplicity to grow this strain led me to grow a Think Big on my own. All I did was putting a seed into a soil-filled pot and let it grow outdoors. No nutrients, nothing, only water and sunlight. She grew into a marvellous lady, no bugs, nothing out of the ordinary. Next time I’ll aim for a bigger plant, with a slightly bigger pot and nutrients.

Now that she’s out of drying (8 days

25°C, 55%RH), on the verge of starting her curing process, she’s already filling me with joy and my nose with her outstanding scents. She makes me think of a seaside summer evening, with a whiff of macchia (lavender, pine) and freshly cut fruit (orange, maracuja).
It goes without saying that after smelling her I had to taste her too, which meant vaping her. And wow, have I not be disappointed. She’s sweet on the tounge as she opens up in your mouth/nose and the journey continues with the same fruity, sweet aroma that peaks in a smooth flavour that rolls of with a hint of lime peel. A more earthy, nutty flavour joins in as temperatures get higher.

For me she provides an energetic, happy high, that makes me want to frolic around, dance and listen to music or playing the guitar. I feel motivated and creative. Since she does not just fool around but delivers when it comes to effects, I prefer to smoke her in the afternoon, early evening, when daily business is done and it’s time to relax and kick back.

Very good yielding, smelling and strong strain. Smoke leans heavily on sativa side. Very active buzz.

She was fairly easy to grow but she doesn’t seem to like higher tempartures during massive hearwave we had in here. Nevertheless one of the best strains I’ve grown.

A wonderfully easy and compliant strain with beautiful willowy sativa like branches. I don’t know how many plants you can do this on but this one can take two harvests. At just over 11 weeks the harvested buds were the same quality, that is full of resin, as the harvest 5 weeks later, and it certainly increased the output. If given the room to grow, she will produce big, as well as the 18 zips of bud there was a couple of zips of quality larf.

A high creative trippy stone with a nice banana flavour and a very clean after taste. if there was just a bit more complexity to the flavour it would get a 10 but that’s because flavour is the main characteristic I look for because as far as I’m concerned all the modern strains do the job and they all seem to have a wide spectrum of results. If I can get my current Glueberry to grow like this then that would be a 10, I really like the Glueberry, and Blueberry. Nothing other than GH Flora series was used. No cal mag, no other additives. apart from pH up and down.

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Think Big indoor grow review

If you want reliable XXL harvests and one of the strongest smokes in the Dutch Passion collection then try our new auto Think Big. This weeks Think Big indoor grow review from ‘Tdam’ shows the numerous chunky blooms that make this one of our heaviest yielding autos.

Think Big indoor grow review

Think Big is a carefully selected auto genetic line with a really strong smoke. Best results for yield and potency come if the plant is allowed a full 13-14 weeks from seed to harvest. Most growers use a 20/4 light schedule from start to finish (20 hours of daily light, followed by 4 hours of darkness). Some experienced home growers cultivate Think Big under 24 hour daily light (no ‘lights off’ rest period), however this may lead to Calcium/Magnesium deficiencies which could be tricky to correct for inexperienced growers. For that reason many home growers prefer to grow Think Big under a 20/4 light schedule.

Initial growth

Unusually for a modern high-yielding auto, Think Big tends to stay around or below 1 metre in size. The initial growth, over the first 5-6 weeks may seem slow. During this time Think Big is preparing to produce multiple blooms, to do this she needs to grow a bushy structure with more side branching than usual and a larger root ball than normal. This takes time, and is one reason why Think Big takes 13-14 weeks. The sativa dominant genetics have a flash of Haze in them, this helps make Think Big one of the most potent smokes in our collection. As many home growers will know, these sativa genetics may take a couple of weeks extra to bloom, but the results are definitely worth the wait.

Home growers & high yields

Think Big will not tend to grow as tall as our other heavy yielding autos such as AutoXtreme and AutoUltimate. This is all part of the Think Big genetic selection, which is optimised towards potency and heavy yields. Think Big is ideal suited to home growers looking for heavy yields whilst retaining a compact and manageable hight for their grow room.

Tdam grew Think Big in soil under 600W HPS lights with highly impressive results, the original grow diary is here on the autoflower network. One of the more impressive aspects of Tdams grow is the consistency of the plants throughout the grow. All of the Think Bigs have the characteristic swollen blooms, and all are roughly the same size and appearance.

Easy to grow

The Think Bigs are easy to grow and their medium hight (typically a metre or less) makes this an easy variety to manage in your grow room without compromising either yield or quality. Sometimes the larger ‘stretchier’ autos need LST (tying down with string etc) in order to keep the grow room manageable. Think Big delivers a heavy harvest with a compact structure and an uncomplicated growing style. This is an easy variety to grow, the only real downside to the Think Big variety is the need to be patient for the full 13-14 weeks to get the most from her. But if you are patient this is an ideal variety to select if you want to exceed a gram-per-watt, even from HPS lighting.

Nutrient concentration can be slowly increased as the Think Big gets older. Most growers prefer to feed pure water, known as ‘flushing’ for the last week before harvest. Many feel that this improves the flavour and smoothness of the final vape/smoke and allows the plants to be flushed free of excess residual minerals from the nutrients.

Think Big is one of our more stable auto varieties with good levels of predictable and consistent growth. This is the variety to choose if you have high light levels in your grow room and want an auto variety that will is capable of producing a harvest to match the light intensity. And remember to be patient, a full 13-14 week grow is required to allow the blooms to swell to the maximum size and reach full potency.

All in all this was one of the most impressive and efficient soil/HPS grows we have seen with Think Big. Tdam ensured the plants had plenty of root space, some good quality soil and regular feeding. The intense light levels allowed the Think Big genetics to do the rest. Think Big is an unusual genetic line in our auto collection, and one which comes with our highest recommendations.

This Think Big indoor grow review from ‘Tdam’ shows the numerous chunky blooms that make this one of our heaviest yielding autos.