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The focus of our company is producing and marketing seed and products for land reclamation and restoration, pasture and range, and turf and landscaping. Our goal is to provide seed to our customers accompanied by excellent technical support and product development.

We consult with our customers and growers on the ideal species for a given use and condition and provide the latest agronomic information available. We also offer custom seed mixing to match your project’s specifications.

Welcome to Utah Seed in Tremonton UT offering Grass Seed Supplier, Land Reclamation Seed, Custom Seed Mixes, Hydroseeding Supplies and more.


What is SEEd?

The crosswalk document connects Utah’s old standards to the new standards and NGSS for K-12. Use the NGSS codes to help build and find lessons using 3D instruction.

Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) was adopted by the state of Utah in 2015. The new standards were implemented in all 6th-8th grade science classes in the 2017-2018 school year. The state of Utah has written new standards for K-5 and 9th-12th. These standards were approved during the June 6th board meeting. Linked above are the new science standards by groups. The new standards and 3D instruction can be implemented as soon as possible. However, grades 4-5 will be tested on the old standards in 2020 and the assessments on the new standards will begin spring 2021. USBE Implementation Schedule .

The goals for this summers workshops are the following:

1) Understand the standards and start to be comfortable with the new way to teach the standards using the three dimensional concept.

2) Create a collaborative pool of lessons plans to stack our files with resources to teach these new standards.

3) Use online resources and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) framework to educate ourselves about SEEd and communicate with other teachers in the district to share ideas and work out problems.

What is Phenomena and how are we suppose to use it in our classes?

Natural phenomena are observable events that occur in the universe that we can use in science to capture students interest and use them to explain the processes of science and engineering. Phenomena is commonly used as a “hook” and helps drive the students learning. It is useful to refer back to the phenomenon as you go through the lesson to help students remember the point and the direction of the lesson. Below are some links to help you understand the concept of phenomena and how to use it everyday in your classes. There are also links to introduction lessons for students on phenomena.

How will students be tested on the new SEEd standards?

These new standards will be tested by the state in 2017-2018 school year. A common question is what will the new assessments be like and how do I assess the new standards in my class. A reminder to teachers is that many on the science practices and crosscutting concepts are similar to the ILO’s which have always been integrated into the state tests. The new SEEd standards will make it more clear which of the old ILO’s will be tested with what disciplinary core content. Below is a helpful link about assessments and how you can prepare yourself and your class for next year. I have also included some helpful links for teaching science and the SEEd standards.

What are the 3-Dimensions of science and how do we implement them. NGSS background and Video links.