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Best Lighter for Weed | Our Top Suggestions and Reviews

You’re about to light up a fat doobie, but you’ve got a serious problem. Your lighter just went bust. No flame, no game. It’s a sad night as you’re forced to make a quick run to the gas station to pick up another Bic. Sad.

There’s a solution to that though – which is why you’re probably here already. Get a better lighter! Maybe even get one that doesn’t use fuel at all (yea, those exist). There are tons of options and most of them won’t break the bank at all.

Before we go there though, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Lighters vs. Matches

You may be aware of a bit of a controversy when it comes to lighting up: lighters or matches? An argument of the ages. Staunch supporters fill both sides of the hall and there seems to be no end in sight.

My personal preference is to use a lighter, for several reasons. First is it’s just a lot simpler to use. You open it up, you push the button, you get fire. There isn’t a whole lot to worry about. With matches you have to move your arm a slightly greater amount than you’d need to do with a lighter and I’ll be honest, that’s just a bit too much work for me. Plus if you mess up you have to do it again. Good lord. Who could stand such a thing?

Back on the serious side of things, lighters last quite a bit longer too. Even those that run on lighter fluid or butane will last several months unless you use them a lot. They’re a lot smaller too, which makes them easy to store as well as take with you.

There is the big issue of taste though. As much as I love my lighter-focused lifestyle I’ll readily admit that there’s a tiny bit of a goofy taste when I use open flame lighters compared to matches. It doesn’t personally bother me but I can definitely understand how it might irritate some. If that’s a big sticking point for you then I’d look at grabbing yourself a tesla coil lighter – no fuel used at all. More on that below though.

Otherwise, sticking with matches is about the best way to go.

What Are the Best Features for Weed Lighters

If you’ve decided to go with a lighter for your weed then you’ll need to know what to look out for. Below are the three major factors I think you should keep in mind when grabbing yourself a new one.


“If the lifespan of your lighter is something that’s a big deal you’ll definitely want to check out the tesla coil lighters then.”First and foremost is how long these things last. There’s little point in getting yourself a nice lighter if it won’t last very long. Luckily, most lighters these days will give you several months of moderate use.

Traditional lighter fluid or butane lighters do have a lifespan though, no matter how big the tank is. That’s a major advantage of tesla coil lighters – they run off of electricity, which means you can recharge them.

Sure the battery will deplete over several years of use but it’s several times the length you’ll get from a fuel based lighter.

If the lifespan of your lighter is something that’s a big deal you’ll definitely want to check out the tesla coil lighters then. Otherwise, fuel based lighters will do you well.

Ease Of Use

If you’re lighting up a blunt this isn’t as big of a deal but if you’re trying to light up a bowl, ease of use is a big thing. How many people on this earth have burned their thumbs or fingers trying to light a bowl with a tiny Bic lighter? Thousands and thousands, I’m sure.“For those of you looking to avoid burned fingers from bowl-lighting, I’d suggest getting something with an angle on it.”That’s why getting something that’s easy to use for lighting up is pretty important. For those of you looking to avoid burned fingers from bowl-lighting, I’d suggest getting something with an angle on it. It’s amazing how easy it is to get the flame where you need it when you’ve got a bit of a grip and a 45 degree angle.

Another thing to consider is the comfort of the lighting mechanism. Bic lighters are unbelieveably uncomfortable to light and that freaking grinding drives me up a wall. There are plenty of lighters out there that have much smoother wheels or have simply replaced them with buttons altogether. That makes it way easier to use and a lot more comfortable.


This is a bit obvious but it’s worth mentioning. While most of the base models on these lighters are pretty cheap (most are under $20) a few of the specialty lighters can get pretty expensive. Many of the specialty Zippo lighters can run you $50+.

That’s totally fine if that’s what you’re planning on paying for, but if you accidentally hit the purchase button before you see the bigger price, that’s no good at all. Make sure you keep in mind how expensive your lighter is.

Beyond that, you get what you pay for. While lighters can be very cheap, you can feel it. Having a hefty, quality lighter is a wonderful thing. You’ll thank yourself after you feel the difference.


I’m obligated to put this down because it makes a huge impact on the types of lighters I look at. Sure, a hot pink Bic lighter will do you just fine, but looks are everything man. I’d much rather pay an extra $15 for a lighter that looks seriously sweet.

And trust me, there are tons of super cool looking lighters out there. Dragons, skulls, horses, colors and just about anything else you can imagine. Sure, this doesn’t affect the functionality but it plays a part nonetheless.

My Top Lighters for Weed

Below I’ve picked out my favorite lighters that I think work as the best lighters for weed. I’ve got several different types depending on what people are looking for. Below that is a list of what I personally think are super coolest looking lighters. I’ve got awful taste though, so good luck with that.

My #1 Pick: Tesla Coil Lighters Windproof Dual Arc Lighter

This. Thing. Is. So. Cooooool. Seriously, I love it so much. It’s windproof, has a cover, has dual arcs and looks absolutely gorgeous. If you’re planning on lighting up a blunt with a few friends this is something that’ll seriously impress them. It’ll also avoid the lighter fluid taste and you won’t need to worry about it going out if it’s windy.

There is a big drawback though, and that’s that it won’t work for anyone planning on using a bowl, a bong, or any other device with a partially enclosed lighting area. Since there’s no flame there’s no way to heat the area up enough. There is a fun little hack to get around it though – the I-Tal Wick. I’ve got a full section on it below but it’s basically a wick that you use to light your other devices off of. It removes any nasty taste, lasts for a while and is super cheap.

Beyond that though, it’s extremely easy to use. Since there doesn’t need to be any surface-on-surface contact for this to light up (which you’d need in a traditional lighter) they can put the turn-on mechanism anywhere they want. In this lighter it’s just on the side – it’s also extremely easy to press so you don’t need to worry about your thumb being sore from using it a lot.

As we mentioned above, if you’ve had issues with the lighter fluid taste in the past you’ll be pretty content with this. The only concern you’ll have regarding taste is burning the end of your blunt too much. It’ll take a time or two to figure out how long you’ll need to live it on, so be prepared for a bit of ashiness in the beginning. Once you get passed that, your weed should be 100% natural, unburt and un-fuelified.

And look at it… it just looks so cool. Classy, straightforward, simple, effective. The Tesla Coil Lighter is definitely my favorite lighter of the group.

My #2 Pick: Tomolo Silver Color Jet Flame Lighter

For those of you feeling a bit left out with the Tesla Coil lighter due to your choice in smoking device, have no worries. The Tomolo works great for any device that’s a bit more closed off.

My favorite thing about this lighter is the awesome angle it’s got. The lighting mechanism branches off at about a 45 degree angle from the handle. This means you’ll be able to hold your hand comfortably instead of craning it around to get the lighter near enough. It also means you’ll have better control and will really lower the risk of you burning your thumb. I’m a simple man and fewer burnt thumbs gets a big thumbs up in my book.

One thing you’ll need to pay attention to is how close you get the flame to your lighting area. The flame that comes out of here is instant and very hot. That means there’s a good chance of you burning your pot if you get the flame too close, and that’s easy to do. Make sure you’re paying attention.

For those of you worried about safety, you’ll be happy to see that the Tomolo lighter has a cap that’ll cover the lighting mechanism. If by any chance someone accidentally hits the trigger, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting accidentally torched.

Finally, this lighter looks fantastic. It’s not as awesome as the one above but it’s not too far off. The white and chrome look great together. Definitely a great addition to any smoke set.

My #3 Pick: Pack of 4 Single Jet Flame Torch Lighter

Those of you looking to go the economical route, you’ll be happy with this set. It’s a pack of four single jet flame torch lighters. They’re very powerful, long lasting and simple to use.

Similar to the lighter above, these are jet flame torches. That means they’ll light up very fast and very hot. My personal opinion is these work far better than traditional lighters, but that’s just me. Either way, they’ll definitely do the job of lighting shit on fire.

They’re also really comfortable to hold and use. Similar to the Tomolo, their lighting mechanism is angled so it’s extremely easy to point and control. Instead of having a button on the side, these are on the back, meaning you can point it forward with your hand and control the button with your thumb. It’s really easy to point around at the lighting area of any smoking device.

Finally, they’re really cheap. Far cheaper than either of the other options I’ve listed so far. While the Tesla Coil Lighter is cheaper in the long run as it’ll last for years, these are significantly cheaper up-front and they’ll last you for a good while.

My #4 Pick: Zippo Lighters

If you’re in the store for something that’s got a bit of a different style, you’ll be looking towards Zippo Lighters. While my favorite looking lighter is #1 on this list, there are plenty of strong competitors in the Zippo lineup. And they’ve got so many freaking styles of lighters. You can get lost on Amazon just looking at these. I can speak of experience.

In fact, that’s the reason I put a “Coolest Lighter” section in this article – that wasn’t originally planned.“Having a lighter you feel looks awesome can’t be said enough – it really is a great feeling!”As far as ease-of-use, Zippo lighters are pretty good.

The lighting mechanism is easy to operate and a lot smoother than some of its cheaper counterparts. It might be a bit hard to twist it around to the top of your bowl, but it’s far from impossible. I’d definitely rate this below the jet flame torch lighters but if that’s not something that’s hugely important to you then it’s not a big deal.

You’ll also have the potential to notice a bit of that fuel taste when you take a hit. That’s never really bothered me too much but for those of you who do mind, you’ll probably want to look at a different options.

But the number of styles… man, that’s definitely the coolest part about Zippo lighters. Having a lighter you feel looks awesome can’t be said enough – it really is a great feeling!

Coolest Lighters for Weed

And on that subject, here we are. This is the result of an hour long binge looking at lighters on Amazon. Below are some of my favorites that you found. If you find something cooler let me know and I’ll add it to the list – I’m sure I didn’t find all of them.

You’re about to light up a fat doobie, but you’ve got a serious problem.  Your lighter just went bust.  No flame, no game.  It’s a sad night as

The Weedmaps Buyers’ Guide: Lighters and Torches

In the world of weed accessories, designer lighters and torches are far less popular than swaggy stoner favorites like smoking devices, smell-proof gear, and branded apparel.

Perhaps it’s because lighters are so incredibly losable, appearing in your pockets in great abundance at the beginning of a night out, before all but vanishing come sunrise — like pumpkins from some sort of Cinderella-esque patch. Or, perhaps, in the same vein, they’re losable, they’re also perpetually free, popping up regularly enough in your life that you are rarely forced to actually purchase one yourself.

Either way, it’s funny how lighters are so overlooked in the world of stoner swag given how instrumental they are in the act of actually getting high. Whether you’re combusting cannabis flower to toke up the traditional way or heating concentrate at mind-numbing temperatures, here is a comprehensive guide to the best lighters and torches on the market. It’s 2020, time to up your flame game.


The Wick Light

Every once in a while you’ll come across a stoner so into all things “green,” that they’ll take issue with literally everything. This includes your lighter, which is supposedly saturating their homegrown flower with butane and should immediately be replaced with a hemp wick.

The Wick Light ingeniously melds the traditional Bic lighter with the hemp wick in one handy little design, pleasing even the most environmentally sound cannabis user.

Dream Bay Waterproof Lighter

If you’re a super stoner like me, you’re stoned all the time. And I don’t mean every time you’re at your friend’s house watching movies, I mean all the time bar nothing. So you need a lighter that will light up anywhere — just like you do.

The Dream Bay Waterproof Lighter is a fabulous little tool for those of us who like to take life to the limits. Clip it onto any keychain and go, rest assured that no matter where nature finds you, your lighter will rise to the elements.

BlueSteel LighterBro Generation 2

While the LighterBro is actually a lighter case and not a lighter itself, it’s perfect for any stoner on-the-go and more than worthy of an appearance on this guide. This multi-tool features a knife, a screwdriver, poker, and scissors, as well as a bottle opener that’s integrated into the bottom of the case. Fits both Bic and Clipper lighters.

Tesla Coil Lighter

The Tesla Coil Lighter is a bit of a mindfuck. It doesn’t use butane, or even have an actual flame, making it an extremely clean way to smoke flower when its rolled into a joint or spliff.

These futuristic lighters work by creating an electric arc that is completely flameless and windproof. They’re USB rechargeable, and one charge can last a full week or 300 uses — no refills, no nothing.

Design My BIC Lighter

While all these lighters are really great, let’s be real here. What lighters do people really use to smoke weed, and almost everything else for that matter? BIC Lighters, pure and simple.

For a fun twist on a stoner staple, try designing your own Bic on their website. Simply upload an image, position it on the lighter, add text and voila! Two weeks later you have (at least) 200 of your own customized lighters to disperse into the lost lighter universe.


Big Shot Butane Torch

Falling somewhere between practicality and physical comedy, the Big Shot Butane Torch is perfect for the unapologetic dabber of your dreams. Not only is this giant torch capable of heating large amounts of concentrates with its 2,500°F flame in a single sitting, but it’s also guaranteed to make any normal-sized object look funny in comparison. Win, win.

Foxfirers Pen Torch

Here we have a sleek and sexy alternative to the average torch, a product genre not exactly synonymous with sex appeal. In addition to being downright chic, the Foxfirers Pen Torch is refillable, waterproof and comes with adjustable flame settings.

Vertigo Cyclone Torch

Like all astute and investigative stoners, we’re well aware that when a torch is marketed as a “cigar lighter,” they actually mean “miniature lightsaber created for the sole purpose of vaporizing pure THC.” The Vertigo Cyclone Torch is no exception.

Saberlight Sparq

The Saberlight Sparq has taken the plasma beam torch idea utilized by the Tesla Coil Lighter we listed above and made it way, way more weed-friendly. While traditional plasma beam lighters are limited by a single, narrow tesla coil which can only light things like joints and blunts, the Sparq can light anything.

By using free form plasma energy instead of the single-coil, flat surfaces like bowls, bongs and pipes are all fair game. Even Tesla himself would have been proud.

Dragon’s Breath Jumbo Torch

In case you haven’t noticed, all torches are pretty much the same. There are butane torches, there are plasma torches, there are size and design choices, but when it comes down to it, a torch is a torch.

So, why not get weird with it and throw everyone for a loop with this ridiculous Dragon’s Breath Jumbo Torch. It does everything every other butane torch and lighter can do, but instead of looking normal, it looks like a medieval rendering of a dragon. What more could one possibly want?

Who knew lighters and torches could be so cool, sleek, tech-forward, and flat out weird? We did. And now you do with this handy buyers guide.