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Don’t Puff-Puff-Pass on e.l.f.’s New Cannabis Skincare Line—It’s Legit

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The beauty industry is on a major high and now, e.l.f. Cosmetics’ cannabis collection is joining the cipher. Everything from eyeshadow palettes to luxury moisturizers is being infused with varieties of cannabis sativa that have little or no THC content; hemp being the most popular. To some, the movement is nothing more than a gimmicky marketing tactic. However, ongoing studies are showing the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits of cannabinoids to the skin, making it a possible treatment for acne, eczema, dermatitis and more.

e.l.f. Cosmetics holds a special place in my heart as an affordable brand I can always count on to deliver quality while staying on top of the trends I want to try. The latest addition is the Hemp-Derived Cannabis collection featuring four new skincare and skin prep products, all of which are infused with hemp seed oil. Admittedly, my current routine is hella strict, but I couldn’t pass on this one, especially since most cannabis-infused skincare products are pricy.

I’ve morphed into somewhat of a skincare snob since enlisting the help of a dermatologist six months ago. For the most part, I’ve depended on luxe (but highly recommended) products to get my acne under control. But now that my complexion is in tip-top shape, I’m more than comfortable with test-driving some newness, including this drugstore line. With that being said…

Happy Hydration Cream

Of all the products in my current routine, moisturizer is what I’m most picky about. Second only to my topical acne prescriptions, it’s the most important product to help me maintain balance in my skin, so I was a bit nervous to try the Happy Hydration Cream ($12). Even with the current temperatures in NYC hitting as low as 30 degrees, my skin is quite oily in most places. However, my skin is also a bit dehydrated due to the weather, retinoids and an inability to keep up with my water intake (working on that).

I’m happy to report that this moisturizer instantly made my skin feel high-drated (see what I did there?), soft and supple. It also absorbed pretty quickly even on occasions where I admittedly used more moisturizer than I needed. A little goes a long way with this stuff.

All The Feels Facial Oil

Even with super oily skin, I use facial oil religiously (day and night). Contrary to belief, non-comedogenic oil can actually restore balanced oil production to acne-prone skin. I was surprised to see this facial oil ($12) absorbed so quickly into my skin and feel weightless, making it an oil I can comfortably use day and night.

Puff Puff Primer

Hydrating primers have always been my secret sauce to flawless makeup application. From my experience and advice given by my dermatologist, they trick oily skin into feeling balanced, signaling oil glands to slow down production. This is why of all the products in e.l.f.’s Hemp-Derived Cannabis collection, I was most excited to try out the primer ($8).

I’m happy to report that it didn’t disappoint one bit. The primer absorbed in a matter of seconds, instantly leaving my skin feeling and looking smooth—and my makeup looked flawless too. On days that I skipped wearing makeup, I still used this primer for additional hydration and smoother appearance.

Here are our first impressions of a budget-friendly range inspired by the CBD craze.

e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Cannabis Sativa Collection Lets You Try The Trendy Ingredient At Drugstore Prices

As far as cannabis-inspired skin care goes, the packaging for e.l.f. Cosmetics’ new Cannabis Sativa collection is on the chic side. You wouldn’t know that it contained hemp seed oil — aka THC- and CBD-free cannabis sativa — unless you spotted the tiny leaf and pale green text printed on each bottle, jar, and tube. (Although the Puff Puff Primer’s name also may give it away.)

And even though it contains one of the buzziest skincare ingredients around, you can pick up the entire e.l.f. Cosmetics collection at Target for less than $40. For example, the All the Feels Facial Oil — perhaps the most exciting addition in the lineup — only retails for $12; and yet, it features a vegan, cruelty-free, and Target Clean-approved formula made from that aforementioned hemp seed oil, moisture-boosting squalane, and antioxidant-rich rosehip oil. Even better, the oil itself is surprisingly lightweight, absorbing quickly into your skin (so you can actually layer it into your skincare routine).

Then again, the Cannabis Sativa collection’s new $5 lip balm — appropriately named Calm Balm — may be first on your must-try list if you battle chapped lips throughout winter. The mega-moisturizing balm is made from a bevy of skin-soothing oils, such as hemp seed, sunflower seed, meadowfoam seed, and jojoba. It doesn’t hurt that the sleek, white tube is stylish, too.

More into the makeup side of things? Then add the $8 Puff Puff Primer to your collection. Created with a dose of skincare know-how, e.l.f. Cosmetics’ new makeup primer uses hemp seed oil and hyaluronic acid to add even more hydration to your routine. The brand notes in the product description that it won’t take long to absorb, either — so you’ll be able to quickly get to applying whichever complexion products are next in line.

Finally, snag the collection’s $12 Happy Hydration Cream for the easiest way to add hemp seed oil into your own skincare mix. The rich moisturizer gets its kick from vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide — another fan-favorite skincare ingredient known best for its ability to calm down redness.

As far as cannabis-inspired skin care goes, the packaging for e.l.f. Cosmetics’ new Cannabis Sativa collection is on the chic side. You wouldn’t know that it contained hemp seed oil — aka THC- and CBD-free cannabis sativa — unless you spotted the…