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Weed Firm 2: Back to College Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Help Your Business Boom

Weed Firm 2: Back to College is the sequel to Weed Firm: RePlanted, and this controversial, yet fun title comes to us again courtesy of Thumbspire. You will be playing Ted, a botany student previously expelled from university for, well, dealing with the wrong kind of plants. In this game, he returns to his old school, but not to re-enroll and study his lessons, but to hide out from the long arm of the law. Ted starts his weed business from an abandoned gym, and from there, he gets to cultivate different strains of weed and sell them to his customers.

Now, you can do more than just that while controlling Ted and joining him in his adventures; you can also expand the weed business to different locations as you gain more customers and keep on avoiding the cops. You can also sell magic mushrooms here – yes, there are even “Alien” and “Intergalactic” varieties of ‘shrooms available!

So far, this game is only available on Android, but it should be coming soon to iOS devices. In the meantime, we hope to get you high, albeit in an in-game way, with our list of Weed Firm 2: Back to College tips and tricks.

1. You Have To Smoke With Your Customers

In the real world, there are pot dealers who actually don’t smoke weed, even if they sell it to their customers to make a living (or augment their living). In this game, though, you will have to consume what you sell, as smoking up with your customers increases their respect meter. That also helps you fill up your high meter, which you will also need to maintain. Watch ad videos if your customers aren’t arriving as fast as they should or if you’re running low on the good stuff to sell.

2. Grow As Much Weed As Possible

Of course, you need to make sure that you have enough of a product to sell in order to ensure your success – that’s the way it works in any kind of business. Maximize the number of pots for the pot (pun intended), even if the pots you have in your store aren’t of high quality. You can replace those poor-quality pots with better ones as you level up and earn more cash. You can get rid of the chairs underneath the pots by tapping on them, or you can just leave them be and let in-game bad guy Malone steal them.

3. Benefits Of A Full Respect Meter

Aside from smoking what you sell, there are other ways to keep your respect among customers healthy. Having enough weed to sell is important, as turning customers away due to a lack of supply drops their respect. Keep your respect meter full as much as possible, as that will allow you to sell your stuff at a better price, and also allow customers to sell you some of their items. These items happen to be useful, such as the safe, which allows you to keep your money from gangsters’ hands, and the fake growers’ license, which could prevent Malone from being too much trouble for you.

4. Customize Your Room To Keep Customers Coming In

Want more ways to perk up your business and attract more customers? A lot of these ways involve customizing your room. Feel free to experiment with different ways to customize your room, as doing it the right way could really help your business grow. But you should, again, be conscious of the respect meter. To this end, grow enough weed before you customize, as more frequent customer visits means your supply may run out much faster than it usually does. One neat trick to pull off is to sign out of the game while you let your weed grow, then sign back in to collect it; that way, you can take a break from the customers when business is getting to be a little too good for comfort.

5. How To Deal With Aliens

We did mention aliens briefly above, and yes, they also play a part in this game. You’ll have to get the changing room key from Dean Crook in order to grow Magic Mushrooms, which are quite popular with alien customers. And since the aliens don’t speak English, you’ll also need the universal translator, which you can get from Veluna Mankasian.

Weed Firm 2: Back to College is the sequel to Weed Firm: RePlanted, and this controversial, yet fun title comes to us again courtesy of Thumbspire.

Weed Firm: Cheats and Tips

Buying a Turntable for Cheap

Ian the DJ will sell you a turntable for 4000 cash. However, you can get a discount by by offering him some free product and he’ll cut the price down to 2000 cash. Ryan your unemployed customer will sell you a box of vinyls for 2000 cash. Don’t bother trying to get a discount from Ryan, he will only drive the price up.

Weed Firm Tricks

Watering Your Crops

Fertilizing Your Crops

Using Your Record Player

Paying off the Cop

Every once in a while Mr. Malone the police officer will pay you a visit. He’ll threaten to raid your operation if you don’t pay him. It’s usually best to pay the officer the fine, if not, he’ll take everything.

For more cheats that will help you get rid of cops, gangsters, and aliens – yes, even aliens – check out our guide to stopping cops, gangsters, and aliens.


If you have a high weed supply but are low on cash, wait for party guy or rastaman to show up, smoke with them and then sell. Before it quits out of the sell screen press home and start the game again. You should be able to smoke again and sell again over and over. Quick cash but legit

Does anyone know why I can’t buy the phone from the telemarketer guy I’m level 15 and have enough money but it won’t let me buy it

Have the same problem 🙁

Yoel Lesne says

plant tea
leave tea firm
go to the settings of your phone
go to the setting date and time
deactivate adjustment Automatic time
add 15 minutes to the clock
leave the settings
return to tea firm
Harvest your tea instantaneously !

plantez du thé
quittez tea firm
allez dans les reglages de votre telephone
aller dans le réglage date et heure
desactivez reglage de l’heure automatique
ajoutez 15 minutes a l’horloge
quittez les reglages
retournez sur tea firm
recoltez votre thé instanement !

There was glitch but the patched it . The glitch was when you don’t have enough money,weed,or didn’t want to pay the cops,gangsters you click on the door and it will make them dissapere from your screen

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