weed paraphernalia

Recognizing Marijuana Paraphernalia

According to federal laws, it is illegal for teens to possess marijuana paraphernalia. According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, a component of the US Department of Justice, “The term drug paraphernalia refers to any equipment that is used to produce, conceal, and consume illicit drugs.”

Moreover, marijuana paraphernalia is an indication that a teen is using marijuana. As a result, they are exposed to risks associated with this drug.

According to the most recent Monitoring the Future Survey from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 39 percent of college students use marijuana. As a result, these are the highest levels of use among college students in the past three decades. In addition, 36 percent of high school seniors use marijuana. Furthermore, this is similar to past years, and 6 percent report daily use.

Different Kinds of Marijuana Paraphernalia

The lists below indicate how many varieties of paraphernalia that are available. The national wave of legalization has increased the availability of these items.

Smoking Pipes, Bongs, Bubbler, and Hookah

All of these types of paraphernalia are used to smoke the drug.

  • Pipes can be made of wood, glass, porcelain, metal, and other materials. Pipes tend to require metallic screens to keep the user from inhaling ash.
  • A bong is a long tubular water pipe, usually made of plastic with a bowl attached. A bong uses water or other liquids like wine to filter the smoke.
  • A bubbler is a combination of a pipe and a bong, allowing for the filtration system provided by a bong to be portable.
  • A hookah is a traditional smoking device from the Middle East and Turkey. It usually is quite ornate, made of brass or a cheaper imitator, with a rope-like tube attached for smoking. Hookahs are often disguised as decorative pieces.

Rolling Papers, Tobacco Blunts, Grinders, and Roach Clips

These kinds of cannabis paraphernalia are used to process and smoke the drug.

  • Rolling papers like Zig Zag or Raw are used to roll the drug into a joint.
  • Blunts like Swisher Sweets and Phillies Blunt are inexpensive, store-bought cigars that marijuana smokers hollow out and fill with cannabis.
  • Grinders are small metal tins, sometimes designed to look like the Death Star from Star Wars or even a Rubik’s Cube. They grind up the drug for use.
  • Roach clips are metal clasps that hold a joint to prevent burning the fingers.

Vaporizers, Vape Pens, and Dabs

Used for tobacco as well, here are kinds of drug paraphernalia that are popular because they hide smells.

  • Vaporizers, in many forms, can be used for weed, hash, liquids, and hash oil.
  • Vape pens are smaller than larger vaporizers, often with pre-filled cartridges.
  • Dabbing is the bong of vaping, and similar to freebasing in other drugs. These elaborate contraptions tend to be made of glass and almost medical-looking.

What Parents Need to Do About Marijuana Paraphernalia

If parents or adults see paraphernalia for Marijuana in the home, they need to take steps to ensure a teen’s health and safety.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana is a gateway drug for teenagers. As a result, it opens the door to drugs like cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, and heroin. Moreover, THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, primes the brain. Hence, this enhances responses to other drug stimuli.

Modern Types of Cannabis Paraphernalia

The spread of marijuana legalization across the country has led to an explosion in cannabis use and different types of paraphernalia. Therefore, today there are more kinds of paraphernalia available for purchase than ever before.

More importantly, this paraphernalia is no longer restricted to “head shops,” or stores that sell drug-related paraphernalia. Indeed, with the rise of dispensaries and the popularization of marijuana, cannabis paraphernalia is now found in mainstream locations. Furthermore, it can be found in smoke shops, vaping shops, dispensaries, and even convenience stores or gas stations.

In addition, many paraphernalia products are marketed and designed as though they were intended for other purposes. Thus, marijuana pipes and bongs often are labeled with a misleading disclaimer. These labels claim that the products are intended for use only with tobacco products.

Deceptive Paraphernalia vs. Glamorized Paraphernalia

Many drug paraphernalia sellers focus on deception. Hence, they sell devices that do not appear to be marijuana paraphernalia. Therefore, such paraphernalia may look like items related to teen hobbies, such as skateboarding or music. And teens are drawn to such because they want to hide use from their parents.

Side-by-side with the deceptive paraphernalia, glamorized paraphernalia has become increasingly popular. In bright and bold colors, these devices reflect the interests of young people from popular movies and rock bands to video gaming and teen trends.

Therefore, if teens are into a new trend like Pokémon GO, the latest paraphernalia will reflect the game. In addition, paraphernalia inspired by popular shows, such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, can be found on eBay and all over the Internet.

Marijuana Paraphernalia = A Red Flag for Teen Drug Use

Finding marijuana paraphernalia in a teenager’s possession almost always means that they are using the drug. Signs of teen marijuana dependence include irritability, moodiness, difficulty sleeping, decreased appetite, cravings, restlessness, and various forms of physical discomfort.

Recent research suggests that 30 percent of those who use marijuana may have some degree of marijuana use disorder. Moreover, scientists have found that people who begin using marijuana before the age of 18 are four to seven times more likely to develop a marijuana use disorder than adults.

When a teen is abusing marijuana, parents need to speak with a psychologist or a counselor as soon as possible. Receiving help from a clinical professional will provide insight as to whether further treatment is necessary.

If you or someone you love is struggling, contact us. We are here for you, any time.

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The possession of Marijuana Paraphernalia is illegal in the US, finding it on your teen is a sign of marijuana use, which can lead to addiction.

Marijuana Paraphernalia – The Complete List

When consuming marijuana, one of the most important factors to consider aside from the bud quality is the way it is going to be used. Sometimes, this essential is being neglected for various reasons. One of these is the pervasiveness of other marijuana users who kept themselves from new ideas and just used what method they were taught.

If you are a user that wants to get more knowledgeable about consuming marijuana, this article is for you. There is no problem if you are wanting to be a cannabis connoisseur, especially when you are aiming for better effects in a different delivery method.

The way marijuana is consumed would dictate its physical and mental influence. Marijuana paraphernalia can offer a wide range of smoking experiences, which can produce various impressions. Depending on your desired delivery, choosing which works best for you is a good idea, especially when you are fed up with the standard method.

As we all know, there are three primary methods of marijuana consumption. They are oral, inhalation, and topical. These classifications are enclosed with various equipment to use at any given circumstances.

What are the different kinds of marijuana paraphernalia?

Marijuana Blunts, Spliffs and Joints

Using marijuana blunts, spliffs, and joints talk about burning weed right from a cigarette, tobacco paper, or rolled one.

A blunt is considered when consumers bought any type of tobacco or pre-rolled tobacco item and substituted it to marijuana before burning or consuming it. Spliffs, on the other hand, are those sticks in which weed is combined with some shredded tobacco leaf. And joints are made with some sort of cigarette paper that is usually white or light tan in color.

So the difference is between the size, the color, and the flavor. As blunts are only rolled using a tobacco paper, its color is brown. No other color or paper is used to make it. Aside from that, what makes it a masterpiece is its green ganja inside that makes it unique. Imagine a ganja green rolled in a brown cigar paper; it is such a beauty. Furthermore, blunts have a tobacco taste, respectively, because of the paper used in it.

Joints, on the other hand, are wrapped with white or light tan cigar paper. As the paper are tasteless, the flavor that it is notable after the hit is the flavor of the weed alone.

Spliffs are just like joints, but what made them different is the item inside it. While the joint is composed of weed alone, spliffs are mixed with tobacco.

Marijuana Bowls and Pipes

Marijuana bowls and pipes are commonly used due to their handiness. However, as they are made of glass, when it accidentally falls, it breaks down. Yet, due to our new generation, some are made with great quality in order to prevent them from breaking. There are now bowls and pipes made with plastic and ceramics that are directly used and smoked. They are described as a small pipe stem.

Marijuana Bongs

Marijuana bongs are bigger than bowl and pipes. They are typically long tubular pipe with an attached metal bowl. The long tubular pipe is filled in with water (optional), and the bowl attached to it is where the marijuana is placed. Marijuana users will then burn the metal bowl and smoke through the mouthpiece. Marijuana bongs come in different sizes and shapes. Typically, they are made with glass. However, there are some bongs made with ceramic, silicone, acrylic, and metal.

Marijuana Bubbler

Marijuana Bubbler is a type of bong but works differently in size and the kind of smoke it offers. It is comparatively smaller than bongs, which means they can be very handy but not handier than bowls and pipes. As it is composed of percolator and water chamber, unlike pipes, it can deliver a very smooth and creamy smoke.

Marijuana Vaporizers

Marijuana Vaporizers come with various forms and different sizes. It can produce a smokeless hit called vapor. This means it comes to either battery or power-operated devices. There are different forms of vaporizers. They are desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers, and pen vaporizers or what they now call vape pens.

Desktop vaporizers are typically made for home use. They are usually utilized as plugged. Though they are not very handy, unlike portable and pen vaporizers, desktop vaporizers can offer an excellent quality of vapor with the help of convection heating.

Portable vaporizers, as its name implies, are those handy vaporizers that can be used in different places. They are typically battery-operated and rechargeable. However, there are some options like a flame and a butane one.

Pen vaporizers or what they call vape pen now looks like a pen or an e-cigarette. One that is handy and can be used in discrete areas. One more thing is their low price, unlike portables and desktop vaporizers. With their increasing demand, a lot of brands have risen in the market today.

Marijuana Dab Rig

There is some debate about the dab rig and a bong. Yet, it is a considerably different apparatus. A dab rig is more like a bong in its physical appearance. What makes them different is the material used in it. While bong uses dry weed in smoking, dab rig, on the other hand, uses vaporizing cannabis concentrates like wax and hash oil. It is typically called an oil rig. Furthermore, the dub rig needs a nail to hold the concentrate. Dabbing is a new process in using concentrates. The method includes heating up the materials until it becomes vapor. This manner gives a very powerful high and can somewhat be very dangerous.


The word paraphernalia was formerly known to be very negative. As it is broadly related and used by various police officers in a bust or crime scenes, it has affected a lot of human lives.

With the developing age of marijuana legalization, this word has been changed to a more entertaining device or equipment that is very accessible for a more efficient, effective, and pleasurable experience.

Marijuana paraphernalia is recognized broadly in cannabis society and the entire world. For an entire effective consumption, using such paraphernalia can offer an even smooth and enjoyable stoney adventure.

Be prepared for your next weed session! Purchase the complete list of Marijuana paraphernalia for a better experience.