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Weed smoking games and weed video games

Picture of a mobile phone on a table next to a bud showing on its screen a game about cannabis.

There’s a magical combination of fun: cannabis and games or video games and if these are related to marijuana even better. Today we’re going to look at the games that all of us smokers have tried at some point, and in the process we’re going to look at the best smartphone and PC games related to weed. Well, let’s play…

👌 The 5 best games to smoke weed with friends

  1. The submarine
  2. Russian Roulette
  3. Basket and smoke
  4. The train
  5. Frozen

1.The Submarine

It consists of locking several people inside a small room and then lighting several joints to flood the entire space with smoke. It started to be done in cars, but it is not really the most suitable option for safety reasons, as it can be done in a tent perfectly or in any space that’s not too big.

Personally, this smoker’s game has given me great moments in my youth, you know, whoever gets out is eliminated and the one who stays in it the longest wins. There comes a time when you can hardly see who’s left because of the smoke, and it can happen to you as to a mate, who we thought hadn’t noticed that we’d all gone out and the guy had fallen asleep from the high…

Representative image of a Submarine*

2.Russian Roulette

This pot-smoking game is really fun, and no, it’s not about loading a gun with a single joint and killing the guy who gets it. In this case, the participants sit in a circle, each with his or her joint ready, and wait for their turn.

It’s easy to understand how it works, a topic is specified and each participant has to smoke while saying 3 or 5 examples of that topic. 3 rock groups, 3 football players or if we want to do it about cannabis we can choose 3 weed seed banks, 3 indica varieties, etc.

The fact is that, as time goes by, the participants get more and more high and the difficulty increases, so they have to smoke more, and there comes a time when one of them is not able to say 3 examples of anything and this one’s out of the game.

Image of a joint being passed around during the Russian Roulette game*

3.Basket and smoke

Il s’agit d’une adaptation d’un jeu classique qui était utilisé pour boire, mais dans ce cas-ci une version pour fumeurs.

This is an adaptation of a classic game that was used for drinking, but in this case a smoker’s version. It can be done with plastic cups and ping pong balls, several cups are arranged in a row or forming triangles, and each participant has to try to shoot the balls into the cups, if you succeed you smoke and if you don’t wait another turn. There is also an option in which the basket maker chooses who smokes, which is even cooler…

This is the cannabic adaptation of a game that is widely used at private drinking parties in the United States. In Spain for example we have a similar game, “El duro” or now it will be “El euro”, although I’m not sure if it’s still played (I’m so old…). In this case you bounce a coin on the table and after it bounces it must fall into the glass. With this joint game it’s similar to the previous ones, as time goes by THC makes you lose skill and it’s more and more difficult to score.

Photograph of several plastic cups in formation to play ball shooting*

4.The Train

This cannabic game is also a lot of fun, especially when more than 4 people are involved. The idea is to make a circuit between the players, a circle for example, light a good joint with Blunt or King Size paper, and start smoking, but not in an usual way, in this case you have to take a puff, pass the joint and hold the smoke until it’s your turn again.

At first it doesn’t take too much, especially if you smoke and pass it at high speed but, as the game goes on, it becomes more and more difficult to hold the smoke in your lungs for so long, especially when laughs start, which will be more than a few, you’ll see.…

Photograph of several friends playing the cannabic train*


Among the funniest smoking games you should always include this one, because laughs are guaranteed. If it is already difficult to look at a person’s face for a while without laughing, imagine after smoking weed, it is impossible…

Well, it consists of that, two people are placed in front of each other with their faces at a short distance and they get high smoking weed or hashish, while they stare at each other trying not to laugh. The one who laughs loses, could you take it?

Picture of 2 friends playing Frozen with cannabis*

✨ The 5 Funniest Free Cannabic Video Games

Smoking joints while playing with friends is one of the most fun things we can do. But sometimes we don’t have anyone to play with and and we have to amuse ourselves with individual games or video games, and if these are cannabic games we even like them more, right? That’s why I’m going to recommend you the 5 best free games for Android, Iphone and PC.

  1. Weed Firm 2
  2. Pot Farm Grass Roots
  3. Hempire
  4. Wiz Khalifa Grass Farm
  5. iSmoke: Weed HD

Weed Firm 2: Back to the college

It reminds the story of the ” Breaking Bad ” series but in this case the main character (Ted Growing) decides to become a weed grower after being fired from the university.

The game is really fun, because in addition to growing and selling the weed, you’ll have to help Ted defend the production, customize your dispensary and much more. The only problem is that it’s super addictive, but it’s worth it.

Image of the game Weed Firm 2 where it is shown a caravan with a cannabis leaf*

Pot Farm Grass Roots

This cannabis growing and selling game is the farm style that is so popular on Facebook, such as “Farmville”, “Farm Country”, “Family Farm”, etc. In this case obviously you have to grow weed, gradually expanding the resources to increase yields.

In addition to selling weed, you can cook edibles, negotiate with laboratories to enter the medicinal industry, and many other things, but always being careful to prevent pests like the mite, which can destroy the crop and ruin your business.

Image of the Pot Farm Grass Roots game*


With this video game about weed, in addition to entertaining you, you will be able to learn many facts about the best known varieties, both in terms of their cultivation, effects, flavors, etc.

It is 100% recommended, no wonder it is always on top of the most downloaded cannabis games. But if we have to say one negative side, you must take into account that after a specific level you need a lot of money to be able to buy gems and continue with the business.

Hempire smartphone game cover image*

Wiz Khalifa Grass Farm

Artist Wiz Khalifa launched his own free online weed game on 4/20th of 2017. Developed by Metamoki, it’s really addictive, once you start you can’t stop playing, I guarantee it.

It is a cannabis farm game too, so it consists of planting, caring for, harvesting, manicuring and then selling the weed. Start your own business and grow in the international market.

Wiz Khalifa Weed Farm game image*

iSmoke: Weed HD

This is a game to smoke weed virtually, a very real game simulator that helps the player to relax and disconnect, so it has nothing to do with the previous ones, but we wanted to include it in our ranking because of its originality.

When you’re stressed, light up a virtual joint and, thanks to the relaxing music and beautiful landscapes, you can escape from reality for a while. Try it and you’ ll tell us.

Image showing a grinder dropping chopped weed in the iSmoke: Weed HD game*

⛳ Other Joint Roller Games

In this case there are even competitions, cannabis cups that have categories that consist of making joints, something that can even be an art. We must recognize that there are people who have a special talent for rolling joints, something natural.


As you can get an idea with the name (in spanish), just as origami is based on making crafts or sculptures with paper, in this case it is the same but making joints. Note that it is not enough to make something very cool and then dismount it quickly, no, it has to be consistent and smokable.

Photograph of a joint sculpture, a good example of porroflexia*

Porrometro or Joint meter

It consists of seeing who is capable of making the fastest joint, that is, several players are placed with the grinder, paper, the mouthpiece and the prepared weed and we check who rolls it up first. I mean, a race…

Photo showing hands rolling a joint at full speed*

Roll a Joint

This is a virtual rolling joint game for Android. It seems easy, but as with other games or simple applications, when you pop there is no stop. Download it and try it, you will tell me if it is addictive, we have already checked it.

Image of the weed game for Android Roll a Joint*

⭐ Conclusion

If you like games related to cannabis, you have already seen that there are all sorts of them, to play with friends, alone with the smartphone or to roll joints of different types. If you know any interesting game that you would choose among your top 5, tell us in the comments below and if you liked this post, please share it with everyone.

In this post we gather the best games to smoke weed with friends and the funniest video games with marijuana…

11 Best weed game apps for Android & iOS

Almost all smartphone owners use various applications for their phone and tablets, and, of course, everyone wants to choose the best ones, especially if it’s about games. In this case, the consumer is in search of an excellent gameplay, bewitching plot and excellent graphics.

The modern market does not slumber and relentlessly pleases its customers with new and unusual applications.
Especially for you, we made a selection of 11 best weed game apps for Android & iOS. And only you will decide on which game to stop the choice.

  • Weed Firm 2
  • Weed Shop
  • iSmoke: Weed HD
  • Pot Farm – Grass Roots
  • Ganja Farm – Weed empire
  • BudTrimmer
  • Weed Island
  • Weed Tycoon
  • Red Weed
  • Weed Wars
  • Weed Crush

Weed Firm 2

Weed Firm 2: Back to College – in this game, you will play in the role of a young man who has very good knowledge of botany. You will need to apply his knowledge and enterprise to grow a few varieties of marijuana and sell them. Choose buyers wisely, because someone can surrender you to cops! Cultivate marijuana, collect money and buy more and more valuable varieties of this herb.
Grow only the right “grass”, which will be in demand in the market, sell it only to the best customers who will not hand you over to the cops.
Take up selling this real buzz, stand on the dangerous path. Plant new varieties and expand your business. Trade in all states and carefully sweep tracks. Advance in the field of trade and start growing mushrooms. Go beyond and start trading in the whole universe.

Weed Shop

Weed Shop for Android and iOS devices is a pretty cool app where players have to grow their hemp and sell it exclusively for medical purposes. At first, you store will be empty. It has a special room where you can grow your own varieties of drugs. Water, take care for it and do everything possible if the only hemp was of better quality.

After all, competition in such a market is very high. If you produce quality grass, then soon more and more buyers will come to you. In your room, everything is arranged and you can live here. Free purchases are available in the app. With their help, you can afford any sort of marijuana, and it will also give you the opportunity to purchase the most important items and tools.

iSmoke: Weed HD

ISmoke: Weed HD – is an unusual simulator in which you can legally smoke a “grass”.

The plot and the gameplay

If all the other games are boring, and the autumn melancholy does not give a smile, then this application will help at least a little brighten up the gray routine. With the help of the program, you can try your hand at being able to twist the “joint”, and then light it with the built-in microphone.

Also, no one will prevent the bulb from “stirring up”. And all this is allowed to be done under meditative music in the style of reggae. Most importantly, that for such smoking nobody will knock at the door and will not demand to present documents. Authentic management is attached.

Graphics and sound
Strangely enough, but the graphic component of the game looks quite good. The objects are well detailed, and the picture itself is voluminous. To smoke the “grass” is allowed in several locations: a gateway, a forest, a tropical island.

The environment is well developed and done qualitatively. The application is wonderfully optimized, which allows it to work perfectly even on not the most powerful devices. There are several musical compositions. The soundtrack was well chosen.

Pot Farm – Grass Roots

Pot Farm – Grass Roots – is quite an original application, which can be attributed to the genre of the farm. However, this time you do not have to plant wheat or corn, grow cows or sheep, you will have to establish a legitimate cultivation and sale of marijuana. To do this, you must create a real farm, hire employees and specialists. In addition, for greater coverage of the market, you can bake confectionery, negotiate with medical institutions and of course, just sell.

Start your business with several plants and grow more and more each time. But you need to be careful because your successful business can be prevented by a spider mite that kills your crops and plants. Sell as much marijuana as possible and purchase special tools for this money that will make it easier for you to work and make your bushes more enduring to different conditions. Find new customers among your friends from social networks and sell them the necessary goods.
Develop your own farm and be the best businessman in such a market. The application is completely free and very interesting.

Ganja Farm – Weed empire

We bring to your attention the game-farm on a somewhat unusual and controversial topic. The game is devoted to the topic of drugs, and the player will have to grow the most real marijuana and build a giant empire to grow these useful and important plants for human development.

The main character of the game is an obvious rastaman who does not want anything. He only lies under a tree and smokes the jambs that the player grows for him. He is dressed, by the way, according to rastaman’s multi-colored fashion. In general, his life was a success because he has such an assistant, as a player.

The graphics in the game are pleasant, but nothing more. The main thing is that there are funny characters to deal with: trade with them, communicate, receive various tasks from them. The plants are quite well traced.

The goals of the player in this game are the same as in most game farms. First of all, this is the development of our own economy from scratch. The main source of income for the local economy is the cultivation and trade of cannabis. However, in addition to this plant, it will be necessary to grow other crops. The player will have to break the beds, plant plants on them, and build various buildings that will help to earn more.

By the way, the game has quite an interesting economic system, quite diverse and deep. And, interestingly, the more cannabis people smoke, the higher the player’s experience in this difficult business. The player will have to deal with breeding new varieties of cannabis, which will have a stronger effect on consumers.
Separately, it is worth remembering such an important detail as the reggae music, which creates an appropriate rastaman atmosphere.


BudTrimmer HD is a game similar to FruitNinja with its graphics and gameplay. The only difference is that instead of fruits you cut the bumps of marijuana.
What the creators of the game thought about was unclear, but cutting the cones of marijuana turned out to be very entertaining and original. First, you will be asked to grow this marijuana, after which you will be given a dagger and asked to cut the poor plant to pieces. For cutting grass, you can use a variety of knives.
Of course, unlike the FruitNinja, there is not that abundance of colors but in general, the graphics remained the same pleasant.

  1. Two game modes: single and multiplayer.
  2. After the required number of points is set, additional levels will be opened.

Weed Island

Did you dream of having your own farm with cannabis? All your dreams will come true together with the application Weed Island.
At the beginning of the game, you have to grow marijuana on a small piece of land. But in the process of playing, your lands will increase. Now you can set up your marijuana sales company.
Get your own workshops and sell canapés to your neighbors and friends. If you are tired, you can entrust this matter to your assistants, and you only have to observe from the side.

  1. Steep characters and great graphics.
  2. Possibility to grow mushrooms, hemp, coffee plants.
  3. Build your workshops.
  4. See what your friends grow on their farms.
  5. Stand-alone game.

Weed Tycoon

Weed Tycoon is a great game where the humor of developers is well traced. After all, in the game, you will find yourself in a world where it is not illegal to create interesting vegetation. Thus, you can even store and sell the product of your own plantations quite legally, without unnecessary questions. But at the same time, the profit that you will receive will be truly immense. Feel like a real businessman who is not afraid of difficulties, competition and dangerous enemies. Develop your production, set up a sales process to continuously increase your capital. Show all that you are capable of.

Download this new application, because Weed Tycoon is not just a game, it’s a very unusual simulator that combines different spheres of business: an economic strategy, a cozy farm where you can plant certain plants and take care of them, as well as a store where you can buy necessary seeds for you. Buy land and buildings that can be useful to you in your business. Develop as a manager and a businessman. Feel yourself a true monopolist in the world of economic relations. Laugh at the theme of this game, get a dose of good mood every day.

Red Weed

Red Weed – is a game for all fans of the War of the Worlds, which is based on one of the episodes of a musical by Jeff Wayne. Here we use video materials from this production.
In the game Red Weed, you will have the opportunity to come up with your own strategies to win. Honor your skills and defeat your opponent. Your goal is to capture the maximum area of the playing field.
Features of the game Red Weed:

  1. There is an opportunity to play independently or against a friend.
  2. Music and video from the musical “War of the Worlds”.
  3. Six game locations with various obstacles and strategic conditions.
  4. There are three levels of complexity.
  5. Excellent graphics and musical accompaniment.

Weed Wars

You have to become a plantation specialist and grow a weed. At your disposal, there is a huge store with seeds. Cultivate them and earn coins. For faster business promotion, use special accessories.
Remember that your plantation is always attacked by enemies, so do not forget to have an animal to guard the farm. You can expand the plantation area by unlocking special activities. You can also save your achievements in the cloud storage. 1 minute in life equals the whole hour in the game, so you only need 36 hours to grow the plant.

Weed Crush

This is an amazing game where you need to combine the three icons with the “grass” in one row, after which they disappear and your mission will be performed.
Train your brain, trying to pass 250 levels of varying difficulty. So, you do not have to be bored. You are waiting for special sweets, colorful background with the image of marijuana.
It is worth noting that in this game there are several backgrounds. In the beginning, you will play on the ground, but as you progress through the missions you can find yourself on a sandy beach.
The game developers prepared for you pleasant bonuses in the form of a multi-colored candy. With it, you can destroy all the chips of the same color. Also, you will find striped sweets, various confectionery, which will simplify the game.

Get fun with these cunning weed game apps. Free download for Android and iOS devices.