weed shirts for women

The Cutest Weed Shirts For Women You Can Buy On Amazon

By: Danielle Morin

Do you love weed? Like really, really love weed? If so, why not make a fashion statement with 26 of these marijuana shirts. Some are simple, some flashy and some just need to be taken to a 4/20 festival. Check out these cannabis shirts and see which one(s) are right for you!

Here are the cutest weed shirts we found on Amazon

1. Green Marijuana 420 Weed Leaf Graphic Printed Crop Tank Top

This top should be added to a list for things to wear this summer. Wear it as a swimming top and take a jump into the pool or the beach. There’s no such thing as too many pot leaves and this shirt shows it.

2. Marijuana Lips T Shirt Vintage Smoking Graphic Tees

This shirt is soft and comfy while also looking like The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Marijuana sprinkled some leaves and a blunt and made this t-shirt. Although the shirt only comes in one, it does come in a variety of sizes from Small-X-large. To me this shirt screams “4/20 Festival here I come!”

3. Embroidered Rasta Pot Leaf Patch Womens Cropped T-Shirt

This simple yet stylish cropped t-shirt has it going on. It says I support weed but doesn’t go overboard. Wear this shirt around your friends and have a good time. This t-shirt is a cotton poly-blend and currently comes in one color and 4 sizes.

4. Ok But First Weed Tshirt Funny Marijuana 420 Tee for Ladies

Have you ever gone to get fast food but then told yourself “you know what this would taste even better with? Weed.” For whatever reason weed and food are just an overall great combination. You’re fed and you’re happy what more can you ask for? Uh, this shirt. This shirt comes in one color but more sizes to choose from!

5. Casual Swag Tops T-Shirt

Woah, Dude, the 70’s called and they want to know where you got that tye-dye t-shirt from. This shirt has a lot on it but it’s also fun and a little wild. This shirt only comes in one color but comes in different sizes Medium to XX-Large.

6. Weed Leaf Cross Back Fitted Sports Bra

Ready for a run? This addicted sports bra reminds me of a certain brand. It’s spandex and to top it off it has a cool Cannabis leaf, although you can’t be addicted to weed still super cute and comes in 4 colors.

7. Feelin’ Willie Good Letter Printed Graphic Vest Top Casual Tee

It’s our good friend Willie and he’s feeling Willie good! This shirt is soft and loose, great for a run or simply to wear around friends or festivals. Plus check out Willie’s sun glasses, he is chillin. Sizes are from Medium to X-Large with 5 different colors to choose from.

8. Cybertela Women’s Galaxy Women Blunt T-Shirt

Although this shirt is similar to another product on this same list at least you have more choices! The border on this shirt has a galaxy and comes with different colors to choose from! Choose sizes from Small to XX-Large.

9. Marijuana Leaf Pot at End of The Rainbow Women’s Burnout Racerback Tank Top

Here’s another cute top to add to your list on Amazon! I wonder if you’ll find weed at the end of the rainbow. Probably not, but worth a try. This top is great to go running in, light on the body, and comes in 4 colors.

10. Plant Based with A Marijuana Leaf Ladies Printed Graphic Sleeveless Racerback Tank Top

Not comfortable in just a sports bra? That’s okay we got you covered! Plus did you know that the leaves also taste pretty good in a smoothie? It’s plant based! Show off your plant based shirt that is light-weight and breathable. Available in 4 colors.

11. Make America High Again Pastel Rainbow Tie-Dye Graphic Crop Top

What is old will become new again! This shirt is all tie-dyed out with some classy groovy colors. Make America High Again and just chill out already. This shirt comes in one color and 3 sizes small to large.

12. Rasta Smoking Blunt Women’s T-Shirt

Roll it, Lick it and Smoke it. This shirt has it going on for both men and women. Don’t be worried about sizes because so far this shirt has a lot of different options ranging from Small to XXX-Large.

13. Women’s High As Fuck Marijuana Weed Racerback Tank Top

Chill out and get high as f***! Does anyone remember this awesome sarcastic guy? has been around for a while but I’m not complaining, at least he comes in 10 awesome colors and sizes from Small to X-Large.

14. Weed Halter Top Cannabis Crop Top Marijuana Tube Top Weed Tank Top

This halter top has getting “high this summer” written all over it! This top is cute, comfortable and you even sport your favorite leaf on the back! Check out this store as they also have deals where you can buy 2 for $25! Not a bad!

15. Woman Yoga Bra Marijuana Cannabis Weed Leaf Seamless Ultra Soft Colorful Training Shirts

This sports bra looks very comfortable to run in as well as doing any other activity. This yoga bra also comes in a variety of other designs and colors to choose from. Sizes small to X-large and 6 different designs to choose from.

16. Awkward Styles Women’s Marijuana Leaf Cute Racerback Tank Tops for Cannabis Lovers

This shirt is a dress down and can even be turned into a dress up shirt with a nice blazer jacket with some tights and boots. The design on the inside of the leaf is interesting but cool nonetheless.This shirt comes in 8 different colors with sizes ranging from small to XX-large.

17. Pot leaves on Boobs

Pot leaves on boobs? Why not? This shirt was designed by a great team in the U.S.A in Tennessee. So make sure to support these proud artists. These shirts range from Small to XX-Large.

18. Namaste High

Get down from that high! “Namaste High.” This shirt is soft and has a clever word play. Comfortable to wear around friends and even have a laugh about, especially if they know you get high all the time. Sizes range from X-small to XX-large.

19. Roll Me A Blunt & Tell Me I’m Pretty Heathered Gray Women’s Racerback Tank

Telling me I’m pretty needs to be said, but rolling me a blunt? That’s some bonus extra brownie points. This tank is form fitting and left un-hemmed for the raw edge look. Sizes range from X-small to X-large.

20. Best Buds Pot Leaf Marijuana Weed Matching Tank Tops

Forget the matching Best Friends necklaces I think I would prefer a matching tank top. One for you and one for your best bud, perfect for a 4/20 party, that way you’ll never lose each other! Comes in sizes for both men and women.

21. Roll Light Smoke It Stoner Weed 420 Gift Junior Crop Top

“Roll it, light it and smoke it” it’s one of the great things to look forward to in the morning. Let everyone know what you’re all about on 4/20 and beyond that! This shirt has a vintage crop look to it! Sizes range from small to large.

22. Gamer Funny Fashion Tank Top Tee for Women

Ever played La Loteria (Spanish Bingo) to learn Spanish? If you haven’t here’s a new word to learn! “La Maceta” meaning Flower Pot. It’s cute and made here in the U.S.A! Sizes range from small to 2XL.

23. Weed Sunflower Women Sexy Crop Top Tee Summer Short Sleeve Bare Midriff T-Shirt Black

Do you love weed and sunflowers? Then this is the shirt for you this summer! Take a stroll and support your love for both of these wonderful flowers. Sizes range from small to X-large.

24. High Demand Women’s Oversized French Terry Tie-Front Sweatshirt

This ghost-looking leaf has a bit going for it. It’s a long sleeve t-shirt and you can tie it from the front. Although the shirt has limited sizes and one color, you have to admit it’s still a pretty cool t-shirt.

25. Weed-Snob Women’s Rainbow Pot Leaf Tank Top

This shirt looks awesome and changes colors when you’re exposed to the sun. Consider adding this to your list of 4/20 shirts and wear it with pride. The shirt currently comes in sizes from XS-2XL and a choice of the new design and old.

26. Women Sexy Fashion (Pattern Two) Weed Print Casual Tie Halter Crop Top

Our last and final product! This adorable tank top also has that beach/tan vibe going for it. The leaf gives it that cool psychedelic look and plus it’s cute with a tie on the back! Size: Bust 66-84 cm, Waist 60-80 cm, Length 28 cm.

Danielle Morin is a writer who focuses on cannabis culture and lifestyle.

This article features affiliate links that Miss Marijuana may make a profit from at no cost to you.

The Cutest Weed Shirts For Women You Can Buy On Amazon By: Danielle Morin Do you love weed? Like really, really love weed? If so, why not make a fashion statement with 26 of these marijuana

Weed shirts for women

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