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6 New Social Apps to Help Cannabis Lovers Find Each Other

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Marijuana has always been a shared experience. As a prohibited substance, users gathered together, sometimes in the shadows. Because it was once relatively scarce and expensive, it was passed around in private. And, because use enhanced experience, the smokers needed someone to listen.

That’s the story of how the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo began as well. From about 400 people in Denver four years ago, to more than 10,000 last week. Cannapreneurs are feeling good about the prospects of legalized cannabis, despite the ambiguity on what will happen with the next presidential administration.

Big election wins for #cannabis made for a packed house at #MJBizCon in Las Vegas this week. @BruceBarcott reports:

Fundamentally a social experience, the cannabis market was ready for a social application in technology, applications that would share the impressions and preferences, that would introduce people to others of like mind, and that would provide extensive current information on product and potential.

Apple once banned social media apps for a marijuana focus. As Adweek put it, “Apple is notoriously arbitrary in choosing the apps that will grace its digital store, and that store controls a major share of the mobile market and can make or break companies.”

Under immediate pressure, Apple reversed its position in just weeks. As the market driver, it opened the floodgates for hundreds of apps to follow. After all, social media is ruled and powered by the generation that is making marijuana use legal. These six hot apps are leading technology’s rush to support cannabis’ social world.

1. MassRoots

MassRoots, one of the first and continuing successful apps, helped Apple change its mind. Aiming to support the legalization of cannabis, it promotes the economic, health and social benefits of marijuana use. The app seeks to build a community that empowers consumers and providers. Their goal is to “develop the leading technology for consumers and businesses in the emerging cannabis industry.”

Publicly owned, MassRoots offers a platform for users to post blogs about their personal experience, likes, and dislikes. Members recommend strains, dispensaries, and advocate for causes.

2. KushCommon

KushCommon calls itself the by invitation only “International Cannabis Community.” KushCommon does not emphasize any specific political agenda. Instead, it focuses on user social exchange. The exchange itself builds and extends the community that posts blogs, photos, videos and music. Members recommend user accessories and review strains and sources.

3. Duby

Duby is a way to metaphorically pass a blunt among friends. What Duby does differently is add gamification elements. The game is to score big by getting your photo passed around so much it goes viral. It is free, anonymous, secure and open to those 17 and over. And, it posts news, strain reviews and swag for sale.

4. GrassCity

GrassCity presents forums for open discussion of cannabis issues from product recommendations, favored dispensaries and retailers, and many more. The forums also recommend trending topics. But, the sight has more going for it. For example, a tab for Recent News updates members on hundreds of new strains. There is a GrassCity Headshop promoting sales of bongs, pipes, apparel and more.

GrassCity Magazine is as current an eMagazine as you’ll find on news, politics, product, and lifestyle.

5. High There!

High There! Is the inevitable dating app for members of the marijuana community. Unabashedly a social app, it links people according to their weed strain or preferred device. High There! posts your picture, and members can swipe photos right or left. A brief 420-character profile lists your interests, moods, and likes. The app is home to those who have been scorned for their habits and want a community of similar mind-sets. But, the app does not work in cities or states where use is banned.

6. 420 Singles is a social dating app that connects you with marijuana users. Since 2011, they have set the pace for apps dedicated to weed smokers. Its global membership introduces consumers to people and practices in other cultures, all free of charge. App customers at StonedGirls find it a nice respectful place to chat about their use and experiences, but they also feel dates are more likely to be found in the real social world.

The most popular social apps listed have similarity to other social media and match sites makes them familiar in use, and that’s an attraction itself. With the official novelty to legalized marijuana use and the potential economic market, we should anticipate greater mobile app innovation in the future.

With marijuana now a legal business in many states, enthusiasts want to meet online like everybody else.

Weed smoking chat rooms

Welcome to Treeschat. We are a worldwide community & stoner video chat room of cannabis & friendship enthusiasts. We’ve been around since 2009 with hundreds of regulars and growing. We are community driven and supported by generous ents. If you’d like to contribute to the site or have any ideas or requests: we have a [ public requests page ] and a [ Donations Page ]. Treeschat uses a webIRC client (mibbit) for the chatroom and WebRTC video for the cams.

Treeschat Etiquette / Guidelines :

1. Smoke weed. We love to smoke together, talk about everything weed, play show & tell, and synchronize our tokes (synchrotokes).

2. Make love not war. Peace in da middle east (obligatory “don’t be a troll” phrase goes here). We are a very chilled out environment, so no purposeful trolling, taunting, annoying, poking, encouraging disputes, baiting people into arguments, disrupting the chatroom flow, etc.

3. Don’t be an asshat, jack ass. prose ). Treeschat is centered around acceptance and good vibes. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind including discriminatory jokes, racism, etc. This chat is for everybody, so please don’t be afraid to discuss issues pertaining to lifestyle or cultural differences. Just remember that we all have our opinions and beliefs, so be respectful to all of the other users.

4. If you have a conflict, complaint or you’re being harassed by a chatter, get a screenshot and notify a mod via a private message. Also make sure to utilize the ignore function in chat and the hide link on individual cams as needed.

5. Respect the integrity and prosperity of the community. No solicitation or asking for weed hookups of any kind. Also keep gossip & other members personal information out of public chat, including real names, photos and personal details. except her .

6. 18+ only and no children on cam. Also keep the following to a minimum while cammed up: video games, movies, videos, gifs, text, effects, wasting bandwidth and gratuitous nudity.

7. Be polite and tactful with your text. If you have a lot to say to someone, try to reduce it to a single sentence or use private messages. No spamming, filling the chatroom with walls of text or using all caps.

8. Come in, say hi, cam up, introduce yourself, etc. Lurking is annoying and run you the risk of being banned.

9. Did we say smoke weed yet?

10. Mods will enforce these guidelines with a devoice, kicks, bans, etc. Just because someone can hide your cam and ignore your text doesn’t mean you are free to do & say whatever you want. Be respectful to the community, and if you get banned we expect you to take it seriously. For example: getting banned for a week means you’ll need to take a full week timeout from treeschat before returning. Also reconnecting while banned is considered ban evasion and can get you permabanned.

[02:49:01 PM] Maximus : synth & I are working on an about / guidelines page for treeschat. would you be up for telling me how it all got started so i can add it to our history?

[02:49:20 PM] Maximus : on the about page

[02:51:44 PM] Astro : Started by a guy with the username burgerking something, he was a frequenter of gonewild and got the idea from their occasional organized dirty chats

[02:52:02 PM] Astro : they also used tinychat, so he just made a new room for /r/trees and posted a link to the subreddit

[02:52:28 PM] Astro : I joined the second day it was

[02:52:36 PM] Astro : shortly after ali and ham also joined I believe

[02:53:09 PM] Maximus : nice

[02:53:24 PM] Astro : I had noticed after a while that the trees chat was never actually registered, which I mentioned to burgerking who quickly registered it and gave himself admin

[02:53:34 PM] Astro : after a while he stopped coming to the chat so he passed down logins to me

[02:53:40 PM] Astro : who then passed down to ali

[02:53:53 PM] Astro : then icanhazchat started getting used because it worked better for some folks computers

[02:54:02 PM] Astro : then the /treesOG chat was started

[02:54:05 PM] Astro : which im not sure is used anymore

[02:54:18 PM] Astro : and now everyone uses this I assume

[03:03:03 PM] Maximus : cool. i started messing around with tinychat on my website and it got popular (fullscreen mode). Then tinychat removed the files we were using and made it so > 3 cams = 1fps. Our community was on the verge of falling apart

[03:04:51 PM] Maximus : I remembered an old DIY video api that samling and I messed with once. so i resurrected it and bought this chat room (blab) for us

[03:05:33 PM] Maximus : and attached to my vps

[03:07:20 PM] Maximus : kefs built the cam size slider for us

[03:08:25 PM] Maximus : and here we are haha is a worldwide stoner video chat room of cannabis & friendship enthusiasts. We've been around since 2009 with hundreds of regulars and growing.