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9 Cannabis Posters to Hang on Your Wall Right Now

Cannabis’ appearance in the arts has changed over time as legalization brings it into the light. What was once a saturated market of psychedelic pot leaves and cartoonish smiley faces has evolved into a scene of vibrant color, creative designs, and unique subjects. From naturalistic images to a touch of irony in “Reefer Madness” propaganda, the swirl of art and cannabis is constantly morphing.

Color your walls and showcase your passion for cannabis with these posters inspired by and dedicated to our favorite plant.

Cannabinoid Infographic Print from Goldleaf

(Courtesy of Goldleaf)

Displaying the ten most common cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, this clean Cannabinoid Infographic Print by Goldleaf is both visually interesting and abundantly educational. Learn about the relationship between cannabinoids, their medicinal uses, and much more with just a quick glance at this functional poster.

Price: $22 (18” x 24”)

Cherry Kush Poster from Society6

(Courtesy of Society6)

Artist Dundas offers a gorgeous take on the popular strain, Cherry Kush, with his vibrant Cherry Kush Poster on Society6. His inspiration doesn’t stop there–if you have another creative strain in mind, check out Dundas’ full cannabis collection. Collect them all or pick your go-to strains for a cool display.

Price: $30.99 (17” x 23”)

Cannabis Sativa Poster from Redbubble

(Courtesy of Redbubble)

If you’ve ever been interested in the anatomy of cannabis, then check out this Cannabis Sativa Poster from Redbubble. It’s charming in its illustrative design and showcases the many tiny components that make up the plant.

Price: $12.73 (15” x 23.2”)

Super Lemon Haze Poster from Society6

(Courtesy of Society6)

Another fresh take on the effects of a cannabis strain, the Super Lemon Haze Poster by Cannabis Color Art on Society6 gives the popular sativa strain an artistic pairing that is vibrant and full of life. Much like the effects in its cannabis counterpart, you’ll feel a jolt of energy when taking in this lively print.

Price: $30.55 (17” x 17”)

Water Bong Patent Poster from Etsy

(Courtesy of Quantum Prints)

The inner-workings of a bong are on full display with this Water Bong Patent Poster by Quantum Prints on Etsy. With the look of an old-school blueprint, it’s a classic design that will never go out of style.

Price: $28.72 (16” x 20”)

Somango Print from FineArtAmerica

(Courtesy of FineArtAmerica)

The Somango Print from FineArtAmerica is stunning, taking cannabis to a whole new level when it comes to inspired works of art. Check out the entire cannabis portrait collection and discover something new here.

Price: $63.38 (16” x 20”)

Cannabis Poster from Illegal Tendr

(Courtesy of Illegal Tendr)

Intricately patterned and bursting with movement, this Cannabis Poster from Illegal Tendr draws inspiration from vintage rolling papers in Europe and Asia. Embrace cannabis’s influence across land and time with this stimulating print.

Price: $22 (11” x 17”)

Flower Vase Print from Society6

(Courtesy of Society6)

Bongs can be just as creative and interesting outside the glass market, which is abundantly clear with this Flower Vase Print by D. Trickta Design on Society6. It offers a delicate and dreamy take on a heavy-hitting cannabis tool.

Price: $24.99 (17” x 17”)

Reefer Madness Poster from AllPosters

(Courtesy of AllPosters)

You can’t have a cannabis poster collection without a little something from Reefer Madness. Enter the Reefer Madness Poster from AllPosters. From the infamous cult film of the 1930s, it’s an excellent homage to the widely criticized and oh-so hilarious movie.

Cannabis prints and posters don't have to be stoney smileys and tie-dye pot leaves. Check out our picks of cool cannabis posters that break the mold.

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1 – 72 of 276 marijuana strains posters for sale

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