when does flowering start outdoor

When does flowering start?

Growing outdoors for beginners. Fruit-bearing plants flower for a much longer time than they grow. Most of the plant’s energy goes towards the forming of reproductive parts: flowers and fruits. So, when does flowering start?


The most important condition for the start of the flowering phase is the amount of daylight the plant receives. A plant grows best if it gets lots of daylight. They get the most around the longest day of the year, on the 21 st of July. Around this time, your plants will get 16 hours of light every day. After that, the days will shorten. Once the days become shorter than 14 hours around the middle of August, your plants start to change. They detect that summer is reaching its end. Time to create a new generation of plants! In the longer nights, plants start to generate flowering hormones, which signal that it’s time to bloom.

Controlling flowering.

If you’re growing on the natural day-night cycle, it can take some patience for flowering to start. But you can use a trick from indoor growers to encourage blooming: blacking out the plant. Effectively, you limit the amount of daylight, which tricks the plant into thinking that the days are shortening. You can imagine that blacking out is more difficult outdoors than indoors. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Do you have a dark shed? Put your plants in there before sunset to make the nights longer.
  • No shed? Build a small cover from planks and lightproof plastic sheets. You can put your plants under this.
  • No room in your yard? Maybe you’re growing on a balcony? Make a sort of funnel shaped bag out of lightproof plastic sheet. Pinch the top shut with clothespins. Put this over a plant to black it out for a few hours until sunset.

Careful! It can get hot under a plastic sheet funnel and there is no air flow. Use these methods only after eight o’clock in the evening. Remove the cover once the sun has set, to give your plants fresh air. This stops them from moulding.

The most important condition for the start of the flowering phase is the amount of daylight the plant receives each day.

When does cannabis flower outdoors?

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When does cannabis flower outdoors? The flowering period is the most anticipated moment of the year for many cannabis homegrowers, as it’s when your plants start growing their precious, sought-after flowers.

Knowing exactly when your plants are going to begin their flowering period is incredibly important – depending on how you prepare your growing area and how you prepare your plants for such a delicate phase, you’ll obtain better or worse results. However, keep in mind that many different factors are involved when growing cannabis successfully, so we’re going to give you a few tips on how to deal with your plants, answering the age-old question: when does cannabis flower outdoors?

In order to know exactly when your plants are going to flower outdoors, you’ll need to understand how it works and the concept of photoperiodism. You’ll also need to know when the light begins to change outdoors during the day and nighttime – flowering in cannabis plants is generally caused by an increase in the hours of darkness that your plants receive.

The Photoperiod

Photoperiodism is the word used to describe a process that naturally occurs in certain types of plants – they use light in order to know when they have to grow and when they have to flower, furthering their species and eventual evolution.

Photoperiodism happens when there’s a variation between the hours of darkness at night and sun during the day time, which change depending on how the earth is spinning in relation to the sun. This causes seasons to change which therefore influences the amount of daylight hours and hours of darkness at any given time of the year.

Spring Equinox (Growth)

The start of spring is introduced by the spring equinox, which happens around 20-22 nd March in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, this happens around 21-22 nd of September.

Summer Solstice (pre-flowering & flowering)

The start of the flowering period in your plants is marked by daylight hours decreasing, which happens right after the summer solstice. The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, and after that daylight hours begin to decrease until autumn begins. In the northern hemisphere, this usually occurs around 20-22 nd June, and in the southern hemisphere it’s around 20-23 rd December.

Pre-flowering Cannabis | When does cannabis flower outdoors?

When it comes to cannabis plants, the pre-flowering period is a sign that your plants are going to start flowering soon – they’ll begin to slowly show signs of flowering, growing thicker and thicker flowers as summer goes on. The first thing you’ll notice is the plants’ sex (male, female or hermaphrodite) which is why it’s called pre-flowering. You’ll soon start to notice your plant growing much taller than before, as it’s probably preparing to hold up massive flowers.

You will also need to prepare your plants’ structure for an intense flowering period, so that it can easily hold up hefty buds in the future and also spend more energy on making larger flowers. You’ll need to strengthen your plants’ natural strengths and immune system using organic products in order to ensure that no insects or fungi can get near your beautiful specimens. If your plants start flowering on the right foot, they’ll have a much easier time reaching the harvest date fully intact. Once they begin to flower, you’ll need to start feeding your plants using a more complete and intense nutrient schedule.

Flowering Cannabis | When does cannabis flower outdoors?

The start of the flowering period outdoors and how long your plants are going to flower for depends highly on the strain that you have chosen to grow. Some indicas are ready to harvest at the beginning of September, whereas other sativa strains are ready from December onwards. This is why you should always pay close attention to the strain that you’ve chosen to grow. You can also grow autoflowering plants, which we’ll discuss now.

Autoflowering cannabis plants are another widely available option when it comes to growing cannabis; these strains do not need any sort of change in photoperiod in order to start flowering; they’ve developed their own automatic flowering system. They’ve adapted and survived in colder areas this way, allowing them to flower when they reach a certain size rather than depend on the light or dark to produce potent, hefty flowers. Nowadays you can get plants that flower after just 60 days.

During the flowering period, if you want to get the best possible results, you’ll need to use products rich in minerals such as phosphorus and potassium, as well as correct amounts of micro-elements, carbs, and amino acids. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to use preventive and plant strengthening products in order to avoid plagues and fungi.

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