white widow dinafem

White Widow DINAFEM

In the second half of the nineties, the White Widow won the admiration of the cannabis world. Dinafem’s White Widow is a hybrid that grows like an Indica plant, with many branches and small, dark and broad leaves.

Not the most productive of strains, but its main trait is found in the layers of resin glands that coats every single bud.

The White Widow is known for its bittersweet flavour, its medicinal applications for both body and mind, and its pleasant and long lasting effect.

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White Widow

White Widow is an indica dominant hybrid.

The plant produces lots of fat buds covered in resin. It has small, dark leaves. The odor is strong, therefore the breeder recommends to use carbon filters indoor. It doesn’t have very energy growth and big production, but the amount of resin and the excellent strength compensate these limitations.

It has flowery and fruity taste and smell. The strain has a really potent effect on physical and cerebral levels. It’s also suitable for medical use.


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Well this has certainly been a weird summer, not even including the pandemic. We had two excessive heat waves where we had temps upwards of 90-100 for 3 successive days, which is unusual itself, but the lightning storms set the state on fire. and things have been bad for a few weeks. Things were starting to look up and then BAM – we woke up Wednesday morning and at 10am it looked like 8pm – no sign of the sun in hazy orange skies. Everything covered in a light coating of ash.

On the bright side – since I wash my outdoor herb – I noticed for the first time how fragrant this girl is. Wow. kinda like. where you been baby?

This girl oddly enough blew over a couple times this summer. Can’t explain why – she wasn’t the biggest or the fattest – maybe the widest – just came home from somewhere and found her tilted over at 45 degrees off her wheelies – one of her main branches was damaged at some point. but she is a testament to how repairable cannabis is. The initial branch damage didn’t really slow her down. Just have to catch it fast. At the end – I didn’t really need the additional structural support I threw in after the blow overs.

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